CNN reporter gets attacked by lizard on live TV

Sam Warner
Photo credit: CNN

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Ah the joys of live TV – anything can go wrong, especially with the forces of nature in tow.

One CNN correspondent has gone viral this weekend after she was attacked by a lizard during a live link on the station.

As a number of people spoke from various locations on the latest political developments in the US, they were interrupted by White House correspondent Abby Phillip in Florida as she let out a squeak and appeared to be fending off something out of shot.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo then asked: "Abby what is attacking you?", while New Day host Alisyn Camerota questioned whether it was a mouse.

"There was a lizard climbing on me, sorry!" Abby explained after getting rid of the creature. "Sorry that just happened on live television, that was a giant lizard. I don’t think it's OK, but I'm fine. At least it wasn't an alligator!"

Later on, the reporter tweeted that it was her worst fear come true, writing: "Literally my nightmare just happened on live TV."

And if you're wondering about the fate of the lizard, CNN's Betsy Klein later informed us all that it was OK, tweeting: "The lizard is fine, it slithered off unscathed (I was an eyewitness)."

Of course, we're all fans of animal-related live TV fails, a recent one being a (fake) wallaby keeling over on BBC Breakfast after seemingly losing the will to live.

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