Coachella 2022 – live: Billie Eilish joined by Khalid as duo recreate magic of 2018’s ‘Lovely’

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After a two-year absence, Coachella has made its highly anticipated return.

Located in Indio, California, the desert festival has gained popularity over the years for its glitzy Instagram-worthy dress code and major celebrity guest sightings.

The festival leads the pack when it comes to innovative lineups. Two of its top-billed artists (Harry Styles and Billie Eilish) are under 30, while further down the carefully curated bill you’ll find some of the buzziest new acts around – Koffee, Amyl and the Sniffers, Rina Sawayama – mingling with old school staples such as Spiritualized and The Avalanches.

Find all the updates from this year’s festival below

Key Points

Danny Elfman brings Spider-Man, Batman and The Simpsons to Coachella - review

08:00 , Kevin E G Perry

And now, time for something completely different: composer Danny Elfman is by some margin the oldest artist performing at this year’s youth-focused Coachella. But on the basis of his eclectic show on the Outdoor Theatre stage late on Saturday night (16 April), his age is the least unusual thing about him.

For a start, there can be few 68-year-old composers around who would choose to perform topless so as best to show off a heavily-tattooed torso. More pertinently, there are few composers of any age who could make a full orchestra sound like a garage punk band, as Elfman often does throughout his hour-long set.

“Hello Coachella,” he says, not long after playing deranged 2021 single “Insects” and then a section of his orchestral score from 2002’s Spider-Man. “My name’s Danny Elfman, and I’ve got a strange little show for you.” He’s not kidding.

The show draws from all areas of Elfman’s long career – including material from his former band Oingo Boingo, as well as a decent selection from his new record Big Mess, an album he says showcases “the two sides of me that are always fighting for space.”

The most crowd-pleasing moments, however, arrive with selections from Elfman’s long and varied career composing for film and television. There are songs from Edward Scissorhands, Batman and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, The crowd applauds appreciatively when he changes the last line of “This is Halloween”, from The Nightmare Before Christmas, to: “What is this... Coachella town?”

‘My name’s Danny Elfman, and I’ve got a strange little show for you,’ the 68-year-old composer says at Coachella. He’s not kidding. (Getty Images for Coachella)
‘My name’s Danny Elfman, and I’ve got a strange little show for you,’ the 68-year-old composer says at Coachella. He’s not kidding. (Getty Images for Coachella)

They’re even more thrilled when he plays undoubtedly the most famous piece of music he’s ever composed, the theme to The Simpsons, which he augments with a squalling guitar solo. Lisa would be proud of his virtuosity.

He closes with solo track “Happy”, complete with his own demented face 3D rendered on the big screen, and the urgent existential punk of Oingo Boingo’s “Who Do You Want To Be?”, with lyrics updated to reference the Kardashians and Kanye West.

Elfman’s booking was undoubtedly a gamble, but it’s one that pays off many times over. He’s an artist with an impressive, varied and well-known back catalogue, but one who’s a long way from typical festival heritage act.

This is a four-star set that delivers multiple sides of Danny Elfman while giving Coachella the best of both worlds.

Coachella bids rowdy farewell to innovative boy band Brockhampton - review

07:27 , Maanya Sachdeva

After almost a decade of boundary shifting and rule breaking, the most innovative boy band of the 21st century have decided to call it a day.

Taking over the huge aircraft hangar that is the Sahara stage at Coachella music festival on Saturday (16 April), sprawling Texan collective Brockhampton have decided to hang up their bucket hats for good. Well, at least that was what fans were told in January of this year, when they revealed via social media that they would be taking an “indefinite hiatus” following Coachella, while thanking fans for their support over the past eight years.

However, after tonight’s hour-long spectacular, video screens reveal that they’re not quite done yet. When the band leave the stage, a pre-recorded clip of de facto frontman Kevin Abstract talking to his bandmates flashes up. He has something to tell them he says. The screens then go dark, leaving nothing but the words: “Brockhampton. The Final Album. 2022.” If the crowd hadn’t been going bonkers enough during the set, this is enough to make them totally lose it.

Read The Independent’s US Entertainment Editor Leonie Cooper’s full review here.

Coachella bids rowdy farewell to innovative boy band Brockhampton - review

First pictures of Megan Thee Stallion at Coachella day 2

07:01 , Maanya Sachdeva

Megan Thee Stallion’s set is currently underway at Coachella!

“You ready hotties?” the “Hot Girl Summer” singer arrived onstage, wearing a silver cut-out jumpsuit, for her first time performing at the festival.

Fans are speculating whether Dua Lipa might make a surprise appearance with Megan; the singers’ collaborative “Sweetest Pie” was released last month.

Meghan Thee Stallion at Coachella 2022 (Getty Images for Coachella)
Meghan Thee Stallion at Coachella 2022 (Getty Images for Coachella)

Brockhampton’s forthcoming 2022 album will be their ‘final’ one

05:47 , Maanya Sachdeva

Brockhampton have announced their final album together at Coachella, after founding member Kevin Abstract also told fans that their shows in California would be their “last ever”.

The American hip-hop boy band on Saturday (16 April) concluded their set at the festival’s Sahara stage with an emotional update: Brockhampton‘s forthcoming 2022 album will also be their final one.

Read the full story here.

Brockhampton announce final album at Coachella as fans left shocked

Disclosure joined by Khalid and brass band during high-energy rave set

04:58 , Kevin E G Perry

Last time Surrey-born brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence played Coachella, back in 2016, they augmented their live show with a number of high-profile guest vocalists including Lorde (for “Magnets”), Sam Smith (for “Latch” and “Omen”) and AlunaGeorge (for “White Noise”).

By those high standards, tonight’s performance was relatively light on surprises – bar the appearance of Khalid late on for the first ever live performance of their 2020 collaboration “Know Your Worth”. Perhaps that’s a sign that the Lawrence brothers are now more confident in their own ability to hold the Coachella audience captive with minimal bells and whistles.

Now over a decade into a career they began as minors, the pair have become practiced experts at delivering a high-energy rave by this point. The Coachella crowd is more than willing to meet them half way, and they’re out in force for the duo’s sunset set, a euphoric, hands-in-the-air performance. “We want to see maximum energy, maximum vibes tonight,” announce the brothers. It’s fair to say their wish is granted.

“When a Fire Starts to Burn” has the whole crowd moving in unison, while phone lights flash on to illuminate “Nocturnal”. Despite playing the festival yesterday, there’s no sign of Slowthai aside from in pre-recorded form on the big screens for Grammy-nominated banger “My High”.

The duo close their set with party anthem “Tondo”, joined on stage by a brass band horn section, but the focus never really leaves the siblings at centre stage during the sort of uplifting performance the Coachella stage was made for.

Guy Lawrence and Howard Lawrence of Disclosure perform onstage at the Outdoor Theatre during the 2022 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 16, 2022 in Indio, California (Getty Images for Coachella)
Guy Lawrence and Howard Lawrence of Disclosure perform onstage at the Outdoor Theatre during the 2022 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 16, 2022 in Indio, California (Getty Images for Coachella)

Jackson Wang’s surprise appearance is all Twitter can talk about

04:10 , Leonie Cooper

While Disclosure are busy bringing in one of the biggest crowds of the weekend over on the Outdoor Theatre, 88rising are doing their own equally impressive thing on the main Coachella stage.

The first ever record label to be given their own showcase at the festival, the collective doesn’t take this honour lightly.

Since 2015, 88rising have been working with artists and creators from across Asia and, tonight, the LA-based company brings in the big boys and girls for an 80 minute extravaganza with an epic list of names as well as a troupe of dancers and multi-layered stage.

A mini version of 88rising’s own hugely successful Head in the Clouds festival, it’s the perfect potted variety show – with spots from Thai rapper Milli, South Korean singer songwriter Bibi and Jakarta-born Taylor Swift co-signed singer Niki as well as Indonesian rappers Rich Brian and Warren Hue.

It is the unannounced appearance of Chinese superstar Jackson Wang however, that really makes the festival lose its collective mind.

With his silver blue hair and red gloves on majestic display, the flashy Wang slinks his way through ten minutes of Michael Jackson inspired choreography with Las Vegas magician worthy flair, leaving a whole lot of fans more than happy for his arrival, but also wondering why he wasn’t on stage for an hour longer at least.

Fans react to Wang’s ‘festival devouring’ Coachella performance here.

Fans react to Jackson Wang’s ‘festival devouring’ Coachella 2022 show

Coachella weather report

03:30 , Leonie Cooper

Where yesterday was too hot, today is decidedly too windy. Dust storms surround the site making visibility a challenge for many driving to the festival. On the ground, this means bucket hats blowing all over the place, bins tumbling across the fields and a lot of hairdos becoming hair don’ts. The solution? Hold onto your hats, Coachella.

A mosh pit at last

03:26 , Leonie Cooper

We find our first legit mosh pit of the weekend at Turnstile’s Mojave stage set. Crowd surfing and an abundance of flailing limbs accompany the US hardcore act’s enticing way with melodic but still utterly ferocious punk.

Brendan Yates of Turnstile (Marcelo Hernandez/Getty Images)
Brendan Yates of Turnstile (Marcelo Hernandez/Getty Images)

02:44 , Tom Murray

Kevin Abstract has urged fans to tune into Brockhampton’s Coachella performance as it will be their last as a band. Stay tuned for our review of their set...

Wallows hits pause to help fan

02:27 , Tom Murray

Dylan Minnette just stopped Wallows mid-song to help a fan in the crowd. The actor/singer got a big cheer and round of applause from the audience for making sure the festivalgoer was ok. Check out the footage below.

Coachella 2022: Dylan Minnette stops Wallows performance to get medic for fan

01:40 , Leonie Cooper

Fans of tonight’s headliner Billie Eilish will be delighted to know there’s an entire tent selling Billie specific merch. They might not be as happy to find out that a plain black hoodie costs $90 (£69) and a water bottle $30 (£23).

Did somebody say Billie Eilish branded water bottle? (The Independent/Leonie Cooper)
Did somebody say Billie Eilish branded water bottle? (The Independent/Leonie Cooper)

Billie Eilish has arrived ahead of her history-making performance

01:32 , Tom Murray

Billie Eilish’s eponymous perfume brand tweeted a photo of the singer at Coachella next to a giant replica of the fragrance’s bottle, which is a kind of a metallic bust with half a head missing.

These hills at Coachella look familiar...

01:14 , Leonie Cooper

Little known Coachella fact. The Teletubbie hills were relocated to the festival site in the early 2000s and now act as a home base for rickshaw drivers and stray influencers.

Has anyone seen Tinky-Winky? (The Independent/Leonie Cooper)
Has anyone seen Tinky-Winky? (The Independent/Leonie Cooper)

Queues, glorious queues

01:08 , Leonie Cooper

Day two kicking off with more epic queues to get into the festival. Extremely jealous of the person with the pink parasol right now.

The queue to get into Coachella (The Independent/Leonie Cooper)
The queue to get into Coachella (The Independent/Leonie Cooper)

Sunday 17 April 2022 00:59 , Tom Murray

Shania Twain has heaped praise on Harry Styles after her cameo during his set last night. “Music icon. Fashion icon,” Twain tweeted. The country star said during the performance that she was “starstruck” by Styles.

Shania Twain leads praise for Harry Styles after flamboyant Coachella debut

And we’re back!

Saturday 16 April 2022 23:48 , Tom Murray

Welcome! We’re getting underway at Coachella day two, which will see Billie Eilish become the youngest headliner in the festival’s history at just 20 years old. Other performers today include Megan Thee Stallion and 88rising as well as British exports like Disclosure and Holly Humberstone – you can see the full setlist here.

We’ll be watching from London and getting reviews, news, and festival tidbits from our reporters on the ground, Leonie Cooper and Kevin E G Perry. If you’d like to watch along too then remember you can find out how to do so here

How to tune into the Coachella 2022 live stream

Saturday 16 April 2022 21:00 , Jacob Stolworthy

As Coachella mania is in full swing, here’s a bluffer’s guide to every past headliner and poster in the music festival’s history.

Every Coachella headliner and lineup poster since the California festival began

Saturday 16 April 2022 20:30 , Tom Murray

Leonie Cooper saw Harry Styles’ Coachella show.

In his debut California headline show, the former One Direction star’s rehearsed lines – but their somewhat corny delivery lacked the spontaneity of a proper rock’n’roll show.

Find our full review here.

Harry Styles offered 1D hits and a country queen cameo at Coachella – review

Saturday 16 April 2022 19:45 , Jacob Stolworthy

Another surprise set alert! This time from Justin Bieber.

Bieber appeared shirtless while wearing a pair of baggy jeans and a backwards-facing red cap, sending fans wild as the event returned after a three-year hiatus.

Find more here.

Justin Bieber stuns fans at Coachella with surprise ‘Peaches’ performance

Saturday 16 April 2022 19:00 , Jacob Stolworthy

You can find an extensive list of the full sett times from this year’s Coachella below.

The set times for Coachella 2022 have been revealed

Saturday 16 April 2022 18:30 , Jacob Stolworthy

Now the California festival is here, here are some of its most memorable performances.

The 23 greatest Coachella headline performances

Saturday 16 April 2022 18:00 , Jacob Stolworthy

Phoebe Bridgers’ Coachella performance was a glorious gothic fantasy complete with surprise Arlo Parks cameo.

Find Leonie Cooper’s verdict below.

Phoebe Bridgers’ Coachella show was a glorious gothic fantasy – review

Saturday 16 April 2022 17:20 , Jacob Stolworthy

If you’re wanting to catch some of this year’s Coachella sets live, here’s how you do that

How to tune into the Coachella 2022 live stream

Saturday 16 April 2022 16:40 , Jacob Stolworthy

This year’s Coachella has many surprises in store – and one arrived yesterday.

Find Kevin E G Perry’s review of Arcade Fire’s performance here.

Catharsis and anthems at Arcade Fire’s intimate Coachella show – review

Saturday 16 April 2022 16:00 , Jacob Stolworthy

Coachella is in full swing! Find the biggest talking points from day one here...

Coachella day 1 talking points: From Harry Styles’s Shania surprise to Arcade Fire

Saturday 16 April 2022 09:43 , Isobel Lewis

And that brings our day one live blog to a close! Our roving reporters have been kicked out of the press tent (and are hopefully gonna get some sleep), so we will be back here tomorrow to cover Saturday’s performances!

Au revoir!

Harry Styles and Shania Twain join forces at Coachella

Saturday 16 April 2022 08:33 , Maanya Sachdeva

Harry Styles hasn’t forgotten his roots, treating the crowd to an extremely high energy version of One Direction‘s “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” before Shania Twain joins him for “Man I Feel Like A Woman”.

Yes, really. Full review to follow.

Snoop Dogg joins Brazilian music superstar Anitta onstage as fans celebrate ‘the best duo’

Saturday 16 April 2022 08:30 , Maanya Sachdeva

Snoop Dogg joins Anitta onstage at Coachella on Friday (Mickey Pierre-Louis for Coachella)
Snoop Dogg joins Anitta onstage at Coachella on Friday (Mickey Pierre-Louis for Coachella)

Baby Keem review – Rapper proves he has far more to offer than just family ties

Saturday 16 April 2022 08:08 , Maanya Sachdeva

Baby Keem, 21, arrives on Coachella’s Sahara Stage late on Friday night, fresh from winning the Grammy for Best Rap Performance for “family ties” – a collaboration with his cousin Kendrick Lamar.

While the festival rumour mill suggested Lamar might join his relative onstage, in the end his buoyant set simply serves to prove that the Las Vegas-based artist has no need to rely on nepotism.

His set, largely but not solely drawn from 2021 debut album The Melodic Blue, alternates between laidback swagger and snarling fight songs.

For the former, there’s the bouncing “trademark usa”, which leads Keem to announce “It’s a motherf***ing party tonight innit?”, 2019’s “Honest”, which he deems “old s***”, and a breezy “orange soda”.

For the latter, there’s the appropriately named “hooligan”, a relentless “moshpit” which lives up to its name, and punchy Kanye collab “Praise God”.

In the end, the only collaborator Keem welcomes onstage is Maryland-born singer Brent Faiyaz, who comes on to sing the hook for “lost souls”.

The truth is, he doesn’t need anybody else. A triumphant closing version of “family ties” proves he’s a star on his own terms.

Lil Baby at Coachella review – Rising rap star delivers powerful BLM statement

Saturday 16 April 2022 07:55 , Maanya Sachdeva

Since bursting onto the Atlanta rap scene in 2017 with debut mixtape Perfect Timing, Lil Baby has – despite the diminutive name – only grown in stature, maturing into one of modern rap’s most compelling artists.

From the moment the 27-year-old strode onto Coachella’s Main Stage on Friday (15 April) night, he set about delivering an imposing, high-energy set, joined by frequent collaborator Gunna and flanked by a troupe of gyrating, twerking backing dancers.

Read Kevin E G Perry’s review of Lil Baby’s “emotive” Coachella performance here.

Lil Baby delivers powerful BLM statement during Coachella show - review

Justin Bieber springs ‘Peaches’ surprise during Daniel Caesar set

Saturday 16 April 2022 07:25 , Leonie Cooper

Of course, golden boy Justin Bieber has joined Daniel Caesar on the Coachella Stage for their extremely smooth single “Peaches”. And, like Lil Baby and Slowthai today, he’s simply refusing to wear a shirt.

Well, it is hot out there.

Coachella, land of the $25 vegan burger

Saturday 16 April 2022 07:18 , Leonie Cooper

Coachella, land of the $25 vegan burger (The Independent/Leonie Cooper)
Coachella, land of the $25 vegan burger (The Independent/Leonie Cooper)

Phoebe Bridgers at Coachella review – A glorious gothic fantasy

Saturday 16 April 2022 07:12 , Maanya Sachdeva

Most folk musicians don’t enter a festival stage to the pounding sounds of heavy metal, but Phoebe Bridgers isn’t most folk musicians.

Brandishing a custom black battle axe of a guitar and wearing a glamourous, diamanté version of her trademark skeleton outfit – which tonight is more gothic high fashion label Vampire’s Wife than trick-or-treater – the Los Angeles singer-songwriter has managed to create a world that’s entirely her own.

Read Leonie Cooper’s review of Bridgers’s immersive, visually stunning performance, or ‘en masse therapy session’ here:

Phoebe Bridgers’ Coachella show was a glorious gothic fantasy – review

Watch: Arlo Parks joins Phoebe Bridgers onstage for ‘Graceland too’

Saturday 16 April 2022 06:32 , Maanya Sachdeva

During her set at Coachella tonight, Phoebe Bridgers brought “my friend Arlo Parks” out onstage as the duo performed an “incredible” rendition of Bridgers’s “Graceland Too”, which she called a “love song”.

Confirmed: Coachella at night is quite pretty

Saturday 16 April 2022 06:00 , Leonie Cooper

Confirmed: Coachella at night is quite pretty (The Independent/Leonie Cooper)
Confirmed: Coachella at night is quite pretty (The Independent/Leonie Cooper)

Arcade Fire’s last-minute set was cathartic and intimate - review

Saturday 16 April 2022 05:44 , Maanya Sachdeva

Given that they headlined the closing night of Coachella in 2014, it was a double surprise when Canadian indie rock titans Arcade Fire were announced as a last minute addition to the bill for the Mojave Tent on Thursday (14 April) – a day before the California music festival kicked off.

A double-whammy, there was, firstly, shock that they were playing at all, and second that they would be appearing in a relatively intimate setting.

Arcade Fire’s performance delivered both profound joy and healing - read Kevin E G Perry’s review of their show here.

Catharsis and anthems at Arcade Fire’s intimate Coachella show – review

Idles at Coachella review – Bristol rock band’s guitarist pays homage to Kurt Cobain

Saturday 16 April 2022 05:29 , Leonie Cooper

There’s something rather gothic about Idles by moonlight.

Tonight, the Bristol rock band enter the Mojave stage under sinister red lights and there’s an ominous feeling on the warm breeze. Frontman Joe Talbot seizes the intensity, belting out 2018 single “Colossus”– a heavy duty diatribe about the sins of the father – with equal amounts of rage and pent-up excitement.

They are, of course, happy to be here – even if Talbot is digging into some deep personal trauma. Guitar player Mark Bowen seems outwardly chirpier, doing his best Kurt Cobain tribute in a lacy white dress that brings to mind the kind of mumsy frocks the Nirvana frontman would wear onstage in the Nineties.

While they’re capable of headlining festivals back home in the UK, the US crowd is dedicated but definitely smaller – the tent is nowhere near as rammed as it was for Arcade Fire’s surprise set an hour earlier.

The Idles faithful though are in raptures, as Talbot’s impressive howl clatters into the night, before he shakes his hips to the driving pulse of “Mr Motivator“ like a punk rock disco diva.

Slowthai at Coachella review – Fiery, furious fun from the UK rapper

Saturday 16 April 2022 04:32 , Maanya Sachdeva

Coachella right, this is the first f***** day, right,” insists Northampton rapper Slowthai, to the sweaty, bouncing Californian crowd. “Is that the lit-est you can be?” Turns out it most definitely isn’t, especially when Slowthai – real name Tyron Frampton – leads them in a jaunty, extremely NSFW call and response chant. With a huge smirk on his face, he’s as endearing as he is enjoyably sweary.

A new ‘do, Slowthai’s peppiest song yet, and a dance party set to Aqua’s 1997 hit “Barbie Girl” – Leonie Cooper reviews the British rapper’s “enormously fun” Coachella set for The Independent.

Read it here.

Slowthai’s fiery Coachella performance ends with ‘Barbie Girl’ dance party – review

Coachella 2022 set times for Harry Styles, Anitta, Phoebe Bridgers and more

Saturday 16 April 2022 03:10 , Roisin O'Connor

Just one day ahead of Coachella kicking off in California, the set times for the festival were revealed.

The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival is taking place from 15 to 17 April and 22 to 24 April, with Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, Swedish House Mafia and The Weeknd headlining the event at Empire Polo Club in Indio, California.

A previously unannounced set from the band Arcade Fire also features on the bill, with the group playing at 6.45pm (PT) on the night of Friday 15 April.

Other highlights on the line up include Phoebe Bridgers, Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, Run the Jewels, Jamie xx, Carly Rae Jepsen, Vince Staples, Caribou and more.

Read about the set times for each artist here.

The set times for Coachella 2022 have been revealed

Billie EIlish: ‘Are you ready for me Coachella?'

Saturday 16 April 2022 02:26 , Roisin O'Connor

Are we ready for Billie Eilish at Coachella? I’m not sure?!

Saturday 16 April 2022 02:10 , Kevin E G Perry

Carly Rae Jepsen is bounding around the Mojave Stage in a floral cut-out bodysuit, shouting: “Is there anyone here called Julien?”

“The person I wrote this song about is a dick, so I need to repurpose it. Will you help me?” she asks.

A couple of songs later, she bursts into massive breakout hit “Call Me Maybe” and the packed tent erupts in sweaty unison. Everyone here knows every word, so it’s a proper singalong moment.

Coachella in pictures – Friday 15 April

Saturday 16 April 2022 02:07 , Roisin O'Connor

Let’s have a look at early scenes from Coachella as things get into full swing

Princess Nokia (Getty Images for Coachella)
Princess Nokia (Getty Images for Coachella)
Mika (Getty Images for Coachella)
Mika (Getty Images for Coachella)
The Regrettes (Getty Images for Coachella)
The Regrettes (Getty Images for Coachella)
Bishop Briggs (Getty Images for Coachella)
Bishop Briggs (Getty Images for Coachella)
The HU (Getty Images for Coachella)
The HU (Getty Images for Coachella)

Amyl & the Sniffers Q&A

Saturday 16 April 2022 01:58 , Roisin O'Connor

Leonie Cooper caught up with Aussie rock band Amyl and the Sniffers ahead of their Coachella debut, to see how they’re feeling upon arrival in the Indio desert, and what they’ve got lined up in terms of new music

Amyl and the Sniffers Q&A: ‘Feel like rotisserie chicken? You’ve gotta be that bird!’

We found aircon!

Saturday 16 April 2022 01:55 , Leonie Cooper

Danny Elfman aside, this year’s Coachella is perhaps the festival’s most youthful edition. So the fact that the Sonora tent isn’t exactly heaving for space rock titans and men of a certain age Spiritualized is no surprise. Their loss – the epic gospel freakout of “Come Together” sounds absolutely massive nonetheless. Also, there’s extremely good aircon in this room, guys. We’ll be staying here for the foreseeable.

Omar Apollo asks ‘where the f*** are my homosexuals at’ during lively Coachella show

Saturday 16 April 2022 01:29 , Kevin E G Perry

Perhaps lured in by his billboard promising a cure for hetrosexuality, a large crowd drifts towards Omar Apollo on the Outdoor Theatre stage. He’s playing “Useless” while wearing an oversized pink suit. “Where the f*** are my homosexuals at?” he asks when it’s done. Overhead, a plane flies dragging a banner advertising someone’s OnlyFans page. Welcome to 2022!

Overheard at Coachella...

Saturday 16 April 2022 00:34 , Kevin E G Perry

“Don’t let anyone dim your sparkle, darling!”

“But I want to dim my sparkle. It’s too bright!”

Coachella 2022 livestream is finally working!

Saturday 16 April 2022 00:34 , Roisin O'Connor

We have lift-off! The stream is working and we’re being treated to some insipid conversation between the Coachella YouTube host and an Apple Music DJ.

The buoys are back in town

Saturday 16 April 2022 00:27 , Kevin E G Perry

These three massive buoys, each four stories tall and angled as if floating in a sea of grass, are the handiwork of Dutch artist Kiki van Eijk.

Sculptures on display at Coachella 2022 (Kevin E G Perry)
Sculptures on display at Coachella 2022 (Kevin E G Perry)

How to access Coachella’s livestream

Saturday 16 April 2022 00:17 , Roisin O'Connor

If you weren’t able to nab a wristband for the weekend, fear not. For the 10th year, fans can still access Coachella’s YouTube live stream via phone, desktop, smart TV, and the YouTube music app.

This year’s stream includes four hosts, music artist Joe Kay, social media influencer Quenlin Blackwell, Internet personality Therapy Gecko, and California news anchor Veronica De La Cruz.

Not only will the programming include live performances, but it will also feature artist interviews, the ability to Live Chat with other fans, exclusive festival merch for purchase, and access to pre-parties on YouTube Premium and behind-the-scenes footage on YouTube Shorts.

Word of warning... it was supposed to start at 4pm (00.00 UK time) but has yet to launch...

How to tune into the Coachella 2022 live stream

Saturday 16 April 2022 00:14 , Kevin E G Perry

Mika is currently leading the Main Stage audience in a singalong of his 2007 hit “Grace Kelly”. He’s rolling back the years. At the far end of the field, people turn cartwheels as the sun bakes down.

Scenes at Coachella festival as the Indio event gets underway (Kevin E G Perry)
Scenes at Coachella festival as the Indio event gets underway (Kevin E G Perry)

Introducing Coachella’s random architecture

Friday 15 April 2022 23:57 , Leonie Cooper

Glastonbury has the Ribbon Tower, Coachella has the Massive Rainbow Twisty Structure That Looks A Bit Like A Giant Roll Of Film!

 (Leonie Cooper)
(Leonie Cooper)

As Coachella returns, Covid anxiety still lingers

Friday 15 April 2022 23:29 , Roisin O'Connor

Coachella is expected to draw more than 125,000 people today (15 April).

In February, festival organisers announced that, in accordance with local guidelines, there would be no rules regarding mask-wearing, testing or proof of vaccination.

However, festival guests have been urged to remain vigilent. This week, LA county’s public health director Barbara Ferrer asked residents to do their “very best to make use of the powerful tools at hand, vaccinations, boosters, testing, and masking”, to ensure everyone is “as safe as possible”.

“There is an inherent and elevated risk of exposure to Covid-19 in any public place or place where people are present,” a statement on the Coachella website says. “And there is no guarantee, express or implied, that those attending the festival will not be exposed to Covid-19.”

Hello from Soho Desert House, Coachella 2022

Friday 15 April 2022 23:19 , Leonie Cooper

A satellite festival to the main Coachella party, say hello to Soho Desert House, complete with free Billie Eilish perfume, crab claws, snacks by LA health food store Erewhon, live sets from Bree Runway and this naked Neptune.

A Neptune statue at Coachella 2022 (Leonie Cooper)
A Neptune statue at Coachella 2022 (Leonie Cooper)

How’s the weather down in Cali?

Friday 15 April 2022 23:16 , Roisin O'Connor

Apparently it’s warmer in the UK than it is in California right now, with the mercury soaring to a new high in St James’s Park in central London on Good Friday afternoon. Wear sunscreen, kids.

More on the mysterious Coachella billboards

Friday 15 April 2022 23:15 , Inga Parkel

Four days ago, Travis Scott fans spotted what appear to be billboards for the US rapper’s forthcoming and much-delayed album Utopia around California.

This has led many to believe that the rapper might make an appearance at Coachella this year.

With so many potential surprise appearances, this could make for one of the greatest festivals yet. Here’s hoping!

Read more about Scott’s mysterious billboards here.

Billie Eilish makes an early appearance at Coachella 2022

Friday 15 April 2022 23:09 , Leonie Cooper

=Loos at Soho Desert House full of Billie Eilish fragrance! Smell like a headliner!

 (Leonie Cooper)
(Leonie Cooper)

Coachella’s 23 greatest headline performances

Friday 15 April 2022 22:55 , Inga Parkel

The desert festival has invited incredible artists to headline the weekend, but not every performance was created equal. Here are the most memorable performances from each year, according to The Independent’s Kevin E G Perry.

Rage Against The Machine get things off to an explosive start - 1999

Jane’s Addiction reunite - 2001

Iggy and the Stooges, back together at last - 2003

Wayne Coyne crowdsurfs in a bubble - 2004

New Order honour Ian Curtis - 2005

Daft Punk’s game-changing pyramid - 2006

Amy Winehouse defines an era - 2007

Morrissey storms offstage after smelling “burning flesh” - 2009

Phoenix survive a volcano - 2010

Kanye touches the sky - 2011

The resurrection of Tupac - 2012

Fall Out Boy make surprise cameo during 2 Chainz set - 2013

Nas celebrates Illmatic with Jay-Z and Diddy - 2014

Madonna snogs Drake - 2015

Axl Rose and Slash bury the hatchet - 2016

Lady Gaga tops the bill, and a movie star is born - 2017

Beyonce (and her marching band) conquers Beychella - 2018

Kanye takes Coachella to church - 2019

Read more here about what made these performances stand out from the rest.

Dropping some fun Coachella knowledge

Friday 15 April 2022 22:40 , Inga Parkel

Did you know Coachella only made its inception into the world of festivals in 1999? However, due to its Southern California locale, a drought brought the festival to a pause in 2000.

It wasn’t until 2007, in an effort to compete with Lollapalooza’s recent expansion from a two-day event to three days, that the Coachella festival mimicked the extension.

The following year in 2008, Prince was added to the list of headliners after ticket sales slumped to a record low with its initial lineup of Roger Waters and Jack Johnson.

Read here for more fun facts about the festival’s history, including every single headline act throughout its 23 years.

Bag policy, lockers, and everything else you need to know

Friday 15 April 2022 22:25 , Inga Parkel

There’s a lot to remember going into the three-day weekend, but here are just a few key things to know beforehand to make your experience go as smooth as possible.

Bag Policy

You may bring backpacks, purses, handbags, totes, and fanny packs into the venue. They must not be bigger than 20” tall, 15” wide, and 9” thick when fully packed.


Lockers are available to rent, but it’s recommended you reserve one online beforehand, as there is a limited supply. They are located in the venue and are accessible during show hours from Friday to Sunday. Combo locks must be returned by 1am on Monday.

What time does the festival end?

According to the official website, the festival will conclude in the evenings around 1am on Friday and Saturday and 12am on Sunday.

Read here for a more extensive breakdown on the important things you need to know.

Justin Bieber rumoured to make surprise appearance

Friday 15 April 2022 21:52 , Inga Parkel

Rumour has it that Justin Bieber will reportedly make a surprise Coachella appearance during Daniel Caesar’s set, scheduled on Friday 15 April from 10:10pm – 10:55 pm PT.

The Canadian singer’s chart-topping song “Peaches,” features Caesar, along with Giveon.

According to TMZ, production sources revealed that Bieber will join Caesar to perform their 2021 hit song. It’s unknown if Giveon will also join the duo.

Will Ed Sheeran join Lil Baby for a surprise collaboration?

Friday 15 April 2022 20:52 , Kevin E G Perry

Lil Baby has set the Coachella rumour mill ablaze by tweeting his name alongside Ed Sheeran’s and a rocket ship emoji.

Could that mean a collaboration on the Coachella stage tonight? Only time will tell!

How to access Coachella’s live stream

Friday 15 April 2022 20:27 , Inga Parkel

If you weren’t able to nab a wristband for the weekend, fear not. For the tenth year, fans can still access Coachella’s YouTube live stream via phone, desktop, smart TV, and the YouTube music app.

The musical event’s first-weekend live stream will have shows from 80 different artists, including the star-studded headliners, Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, and Swedish House Mafia with The Weeknd.

Weekend one’s live stream begins at 4pm PT/ 7pm ET on Friday 15 April and runs until the evening of Monday 18 April.

You can access it on the official Coachella YouTube channel.

There will be three different channels available to choose from of varying performances happening simultaneously.

For more information regarding the live programming read here.

Billboards along the road to Coachella

Friday 15 April 2022 19:45 , Kevin E G Perry

Over the past few years, the road to Coachella has become a place for artists to get the hype train rolling with flashy billboards advertising their festival slots. This year’s most fabulous comes from silky R&B singer Omar Apollo.

R&B singer Omar Apollo Coachella billboard (Kevin E G Perry)
R&B singer Omar Apollo Coachella billboard (Kevin E G Perry)

Stay hydrated in the blistering heat!

Friday 15 April 2022 19:31 , Kevin EG Perry

The first challenge for many Coachella attendees is braving the blistering heat while waiting in line to collect their wristbands. Hope everyone’s staying hydrated!

Coachella organisers ease Covid-19 restrictions for this year’s festival

Friday 15 April 2022 19:00 , Inga Parkel

Coachella attendees will not be required to present Covid vaccination certificates, negative tests, or wear face masks at the festival this year. However, there will be on-site Covid testing tents.

Organisers said lifting these restrictions was in compliance with California state health guidelines, adding that they could be reinstated in view of changing public health conditions.

This could mean “changes to capacity, attendance procedures and entry requirements”, according to a statement posted on the official Coachella website.

Though organisers have recommended face coverings to protect against desert dust.

Read more here for any additional information regarding Coachella’s Covid protocols.

Coachella 2022: 12 must-see artists, from Billie Eilish to The HU

Friday 15 April 2022 18:00 , Inga Parkel

Coachella makes its big return this year with a colossal lineup of incredible performers.

But with so many great bands on the bill, it’s hard to know where to start. So if you’re in Indio for either weekend, here are the 12 must-see acts, according to The Independent’s Roisin O’Connor.

The HU: Outdoor Theatre on Friday 15 April, 2:55pm – 3:55pm PT

Arlo Parks: Gobi on Saturday 16 April, 4:50pm – 5:35pm PT

Billie Eilish: Coachella Stage on Saturday 16 April 16, 11:30pm – 12:55am PT

Emotional Oranges: Mojave on Sunday 17 April 17, 3:50pm – 4:30pm PT

Rina Sawayama: Gobi on Saturday 16 April 16, 6:00pm – 6:45pm PT

Phoebe Bridgers: Outdoor Theatre on Friday 15 April 15, 9:10pm – 10:10pm PT

Dave: Mojave on Sunday 17 April, 7:15pm – 8:00 pm PT

Hot Chip: Gobi on Saturday 16 April, 10:50pm – 11:35pm PT

Koffee: Coachella Stage on Saturday 16 April, 2:00pm – 2:40pm PT

Måneskin: Mojave on Sunday 17 April, 8:30pm – 9:15pm PT

Omar Apollo: Outdoor Theatre on Friday 15 April, 5:05pm – 5:50pm PT

Rich Brian: Sahara on Saturday 16 April, 9:40pm – 10:25pm PT

Read here for an in-depth breakdown as to why these are the artists you absolutely cannot miss!

Coachella 2022: Set times for all of its Weekend 1 performances

Friday 15 April 2022 17:00 , Inga Parkel

On Thursday morning (14 April), fans had expressed their shock as the schedule for set times still hadn’t been released.

“Happy @coachella set time anxiety day to all who observe,” one person joked on social media.

However, later that day, the event’s big bosses finally unveiled the full schedule.

Find the entire schedule of slated performances for Coachella’s Weekend 1, from Harry Styles’ big desert festival debut on Friday at 11:35pm PT, Billie Eilish’s Saturday performance at 11:30pm PT, Swedish House Mafia with the Weeknd’s closing day performance at 10:20pm PT on Sunday, and all of the artists in between.

A previously unannounced set from the band Arcade Fire also features on the bill, with the group playing at 6:45pm PT on the night of Friday 15 April

Friday 15 April 2022 16:58 , Jacob Stolworthy

Hello and welcome to our Coachella live blog!

As Coachella begins, so too does the mockery

Friday 15 April 2022 23:34 , Roisin O'Connor

Always here for a bit of Coachella mockery. We all know it tends to attract a certain type...

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