Coachella 2022 trip planner: Lockers, bag policy, end times, and what to know

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Coachella 2022 trip planner: Lockers, bag policy, end times, and what to know

As the countdown begins until the long-awaited Coachella 2022 music festival returns, there’s a lot to keep track of going into the weekend.

From bag policy and lockers to set times, and everything in between, below is all of the information you’ll need to make everything go as smoothly as possible, for both Weekend 1 (15-17 April) and Weekend 2 (22-24 April)

What is the bag policy?

You may bring backpacks, purses, handbags, totes, and fanny packs into the venue. They must not be bigger than 20” tall, 15” wide, and 9” thick when fully packed.

It will need to fit inside a box of that size, similar to the system used to check carry-on luggage at an airport. If it doesn’t fit, you will not be allowed to enter.

As far as contents go, the extensive list of what is not permitted inside the venue can be found on Coachella’s website.

Are there lockers?

Lockers are available to rent, but it’s recommended you reserve one online beforehand, as there is a limited supply. They are located in the venue and are accessible during show hours from Friday to Sunday. Combo locks must be returned by 1am on Monday.

$55 for medium lockers (Height: 18″ Width: 15″ Depth: 18″)

$65 for large lockers (Height: 24″ Width: 15″ Depth: 18″)

$80 for XL lockers (Height: 24″ Width: 18″ Depth: 21″)

Are there any Covid protocols?

There will be no vaccination, testing, or masking requirements, in accordance with local guidelines (this is subject to change at any time). However, there will be on-site Covid testing tents.

What are the set times?

What time does the festival end?

According to the official website, the festival will conclude in the evenings around 1am on Friday and Saturday and 12am on Sunday.

In preparation for the weekend, check out the 12 artists you have to see here. Take a walk down memory lane with the 23 greatest headline performances here and every single headline act since the festival began is here.

Coachella takes place 15-17 and 22-24 April at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California.

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