Coast Guard Crew Rescues Five Fishermen From Sinking Boat Off Texas Gulf Coast

The Coast Guard said a Texas station crew rescued five fishermen from a sinking boat near Corpus Christi on Monday, August 15.

The crew approached the fishermen expecting to stop illegal fishing in southern Texas waters, but realized their boat was sinking according to the Coast Guard’s post.

Petty Officer Alfredo Benavidez said the situation “illustrates the dynamic mission" of the agency as “the original mission, protection of natural resources, quickly shifted to search and rescue.”

Video posted by the US Coast Guard, who said the footage was taken near Corpus Christi on Monday, shows the rescue. Credit: U.S. Coast Guard Heartland via Storyful

Video transcript


- Oh, it's sinking.

- It's sinking?

- I think so.

- Oh, yeah, they're sinking there. They're almost [MUTED].


- Stop the siren.

- Go, go, go, go, go.



- OK.

- Hey, they're going down.


- All right. Go for it.



- Hey!

- We got 05 persons on board. The [INAUDIBLE] is currently sinking.

- Keep eyes on him!

- We're making our approach, try to pick these people up.

- Grabbing [INAUDIBLE].

- Roger.


- Nice and easy. [INAUDIBLE] got it.

- How close am I?

- About 7 feet.


- Stand by.

- I'm going to try to get my quarter over there.

- OK.

- You need to call those guys.