Coate diving board revamp: 'It'll be covered in bird poo again'

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Coate Water diving board covered and surrounded in scaffolding as £120k of renovation work starts Picture: Dave Cox
Coate Water diving board covered and surrounded in scaffolding as £120k of renovation work starts Picture: Dave Cox

Our picture showing Coate Water diving board shrouded and surrounded in scaffolding revealed the £120k renovation work it's undergoing isn't popular with everyone.

The listed structure, which was built in the 30s, is being cleaned of decades of bird poo. Replicas of the original guard rails are being put in and some modern brickwork removed.

But some readers think the money would be better spent on improving park facilities for children.

Here's what they said...

John McCarthy: "£120,000 joke."

Andrew Little: "Will be back to how it was in a couple of years full of bird poo again. SBC just love wasting our money."

Chris Kozzy: "SBC - Our children need somewhere they can actually go to swim.

"Sort the Oasis out now!"

James Read: "For 120k I'm expecting something amazing. Not just pressure washed off."

Craig Dickson: "Good to see some of Swindon's History finally getting restored.

"They need to also sort the Mechanics Institute out in the Railway Village that is in a state of disrepair but we know how long the council take to do stuff. We need more of the Town's heritage restored."

Angie Tucker: "Went to the splash park which is a joke. Why not spent some of our cash to make it something special for the kids.

"Went to one in Port Talbot brilliant kids loved it."

Lisa Knee: "The play park is more needed than this. How long do we have to wait till the kids have a play park again?"

Sharon Robinson: "What a waste of money. The birds are only going to use it again once it’s cleaned."

Denise Styles: "Waste of money for something you can only look at. Invest it in the shocking state of the roads instead!"

Zoe Osborn: "Money should be spend on making park better, as in play park, crazy golf, more seating for the cafe, splash park is a joke and toilets are disgusting."

Brad Bambi Clark: "Nobody asked for this LOL. Just clean the water, that back corner stinks and is disgusting."

Andy Vater: "Are they going to install the Oasis wave machine into Coate Water lake next - would not surprise me!"

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