Cobra caught hiding in family’s kitchen in southern Thailand

A huge 10ft-long cobra was caught hiding in a family’s kitchen while trying to hunt their pets in southern Thailand. The venomous reptile was seen holed up under the pots and pans by the terrified residents in Phatthalung province on April 19. House owner Sujit Taweesuk, 45, previously saw the snake slithering his backyard and thought it already left the property so he was shocked when he saw it in the kitchen. The farmer immediately called the animal rescuers for help as the family had pet cats and dogs as well as ducks which the snake could attack. Sujit said the ducks he was raising outdoors as well as his pets may have attracted the hungry snake into his yard. He said: ‘I think it was hungry because its eyes were focused on the ducks. My pets were making noise as well which meant that they could sense the hunting snake.’ When the rescuers arrived and began searching, the sneaky reptile moved into a dark corner so they had to use long poles to lure it out. After almost half an hour, the wranglers were able to pin down the snake’s neck using a pole and drag it out of the house. The relieved house owner thanked the rescuers who placed the snake in a sack and drove away with it to release it back to the wild.