Cobra found hiding under grandmother’s wheelchair in Thailand

An aggressive cobra was found hiding under an old woman’s wheelchair in central Thailand. The deadly snake slithered inside the family’s home while the residents were eating a meal in the kitchen in Saraburi province on May 28. It then crawled across the storage room until the house owner Araya Chaidet, 22, heard the animal’s loud hissing noises under the wheelchair of her grandmother. Araya rushed out of the house with the old woman and called the animal rescuers for help in evacuating the reptile. She said: ‘The cobra entered from the back door of my house. We were shocked and didn’t know what to do so we all went out and called for help.’ When the rescue team arrived, they tried to lure the animal out of its hiding space with a iron hook. It was found behind a cabinet but escaped to other parts of the house. The 4ft long snake hissed at the rescue volunteer furiously but it was eventually pulled out under the wheelchair. It was then placed inside a net bag. No one was reported hurt including the snake. The house owner thanked the rescuer who took the animal with them for released back into the wild.

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