As Cobra Kai Announces Season 6 Is Back To Filming, I Still Have One Major Question About The Final Episodes

 Chozen and Daniel in Cobra Kai.
Chozen and Daniel in Cobra Kai.

After some delays in production during the SAG-AFTRA and WGA writer's strikes, Netflix has revealed Cobra Kai is officially back in production. The beloved action-comedy's cast members are getting back to work on the final episodes so that fans can watch it as soon as possible with their Netflix subscriptions. As filming gets underway, though, there's still one big question looming large for me in regard to the final outing.

While it's unfortunate that my questions won't be answered in the latest video from the Cobra Kai squad, I have zero complaints about learning the show is back in action. Those who love The Karate Kid series should check it out below to see all their favorite actors absolutely stoked to finally get back to creating this final season after months of delays.

It's all well and good to see the cast members returning to form, but the video is definitely light on clues about what's coming. So I'm still sitting here wondering what the other older characters will be up to in the final episodes, and whether there will be chances for them to fight as the teens gear up for the international tournament.

Will The Older Characters Fight In Season 6?

In past seasons of Cobra Kai, the path to the older characters fighting was always clear. Whether it was Daniel vs. Johnny, that duo vs. Kreese, or Terry Silver's crew against all the good guys, there was always a plotline that justified the older characters of the series throwing fists. Now, with Terry Silver behind bars and the teens prepping for the international karate tournament, will we see the older characters fight?

While I'm not sure, there is some evidence that has me hoping this will happen. William Zabka uploaded an absolutely badass video of him training, and I wouldn't imagine he'd be doing that if Johnny Lawrence is going to sit around all season and prepare for his new baby on the way.

One potential avenue for the older heroes is another showdown with Kreese, who escaped prison at the end of Season 5. Kreese is one of the best villains in all of pop culture, so it's hard to imagine he's not in the mix in some way. Granted, it'll probably be hard to travel overseas when you're wanted for a prison break, but I think one of the most resourceful and vicious villains in The Karate Kid franchise can pull it off.

What I don't want is for the adults of Cobra Kai to take a backseat in the final season, especially when it might be the final time we see them. Sure, there's another Karate Kid franchise movie on the way, and Ralph Macchio is involved and teaming up with Jackie Chan. Unfortunately, we're still in the dark on how much, if at all, that will address Cobra Kai. This could be our last chance to see Chozen, Johnny, and others kick some ass, so I do hope it happens in the final season.

Cobra Kai's final season is in production, and the rest of the series can be found on Netflix. There's still some time before the new season will be ready for watch, so fans can revisit all of the past episodes and some of the biggest and most intense fight scenes all over again.