Cobras fighting on drain cover shocks passersby in Thailand

Two cobras fighting on a drain cover with one sinking its fangs into the other shocked passersby in Thailand.

The 5ft-long snakes were seen grappling in front of a grocery store in Krabi, southern Thailand last Saturday (February 29) night.

The more powerful of the pair managed to wrap its jaw around its rival's body and clamp down its teeth, pumping deadly venom through its body.

Passing pedestrian, Angel May, stepped aside and shouted to the store owner to ask her to contact the rescue team to catch the cobras.

Footage shows how the rescuers used two snake catching rods to capture and separate the cobra before putting them into the sacks.

Angel said she was unsure about what the snakes were doing but feared they could be harmful if they were left out in public.

She said: "I was not sure whether they were fighting or mating but I was more worried about them falling down to the drain.

"They could have slithered away through the drain and perhaps come up at a person's house and that might have been dangerous."