Coca-Cola Brings Sports and Music Together for the 2012 London Olympics: Fan Perspective

The Coca-Cola Company is turning its attention to the upcoming 2012 London Olympics and the advertising campaign for its Coca-Cola soft drink. Their new commercial hopes to bring together the sounds of sport with music in the hopes of attracting the younger generations.

The campaign will be known as "Move to the Beat" and the anthem is the song "Anywhere in the World." This song was written by Mark Ronson and Katy B. The song combines a collection of sounds made by the featured athletes as they practice and compete in their chosen venues, the sounds of Coca-Cola and of course the music.

Athletes include David Oliver of the United States in hurdling, Dayyan Jaffar of Singapore in archery, Maria Espinoza from Mexico in Taekwondo, Kseniya Vdovina from Russia in the sprint and Darius Knight of Britain in table tennis.

The commercial was filmed during an event that occurred during the summer of 2011 when teens were invited to attend a musical festival and become a part of the commercial. During the festival you see Knight playing table tennis, Vdovina running on a treadmill, Oliver clearing hurdles and Jaffar recreating archery shots. Espinoza was included through video shots and her famous shouts are featured throughout.

In addition to the commercial, this filming festival also created what will become the featured music video for the new song. The four-minute commercial debuts February 15th on YouTube but commercials will begin to air in worldwide markets over the next few months (see full clip here). Edits have been made to create 30 second, 60 second and two minute spots.

As I watched the commercial and musical recording, I could not help but flash back to the old Coca-Cola commercial and campaign featuring a very different song. How many of you remember the old commercial, "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke?" The concept of this commercial and song that followed was to show that Coca-Cola was much more than a drink. It was something that could bring people from all over the world together in harmony.

Similar to this idea, the new campaign is showing that sports, Coca-Cola, music and the younger generation can all come together. Given that the Olympics have always been about bring countries together, I have to think this commercial is a perfect fit. This time we are just giving the athletes of the world a Coke.

Deborah Braconnier is a former athlete and avid sports and Olympics fan. She now works as a freelance writer and Featured Contributor for the Olympics and NFL and brings her love of sports to her writing. Follow her on Twitter @fwcdeborah.