New cocktail bar coming to town and it’s set to be an Instagram-lover’s dream

Pink on Hammerton Street in Burnley <i>(Image: Simon Kaden-Smith)</i>
Pink on Hammerton Street in Burnley (Image: Simon Kaden-Smith)

A classy cocktail bar is coming to Burnley and its pink interiors are set to be heaven for your Instagram feed.

Pink will officially open in Hammerton Street, Burnley, on Saturday, December 3, just in time for the Christmas party season.

Owner, Simon Kaden-Smith, hopes the aesthetically pleasing bar will liven up Burnley’s nightlife scene and given people a reason to go out and enjoy a drink.

Simon, who also owns DLA nightclub on the same street, said: “After the horrors of Covid the industry has continued to suffer and hasn’t returned to what it used to be.

“We have found the whole industry has changed. People aren’t really going out unless it’s for a specific reason or venue.

“I had the concept for ‘Pink’ in the back of my mind for ages but didn’t really know which road to go down with it.

“When I took the unit on I decided to put it into practice.

“People need a reason to come back into Burnley and the town centre is struggling at the moment.

“I am looking forward to getting started.”

The venue, formerly known as 3 Amigos restaurant, has been designed for you to have an awesome night - and be the envy of your friends on your social media feeds the day after.

Everything, from the furnishings to the cocktails, is intended to be ‘Instagrammable’ and look great in a picture.

Simon said “Burnley town centre is fairly dull and dark. Pink will really stand out on the street and it will be really bright.

“It was about picking the right colour so the venue was classy and not tacky.

“From the feedback we have received that is exactly what we have achieved.

“Music will be played in the background but it won’t be too loud, we want people to talk to each other.”

A giant ball pool, giant pink carousel horse and a wing wall will be found at the venue, and are intended for you to take selfies and pictures with friends.

Simon said: “Everything is picturesque and will look great in a photo – even the cocktails are picturesque.

“We have recreated classic cocktails but given them a Pink twist, with pink cosmos, pink pornstar martinis and more on the menu.

”The majority of our drinks will be focused around the colour pink, with pink gin, vodka and beyond – even the shots will be pink.”

Simon said “giving back” and working with local businesses and charities is at the heart of his business.

This is why he is working with Burnley’s Poppy Barker, owner of Pop of Beauty Cosmetics, and will be selling an exclusive lip gloss at the venue.

The business will also be raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation and profits from their pink gin cocktail trees and profits go towards charity.

Simon said: “It’s not about coming to Burnley and trying to take and take. We want to give something back.

“We want to work with local businesses and charities.”

Keep up-to-date with the venue by searching @pink_burnley on social media.