Coco Lodge blasts cruel trolls

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Coco Lodge blasts cruel trolls credit:Bang Showbiz
Coco Lodge blasts cruel trolls credit:Bang Showbiz

'Love Island's Coco Lodge has hit out at internet trolls for ruining her holiday.

The 27-year-old Casa Amor bombshell revealed she broke down in tears and refused to go clubbing when her co-star Cheyanne Kerr's fans taunted her after Cheyanne shared a video of them on holiday together in Ibiza.

She said in a YouTube video: "Everyone's gone out to Amnesia but after Ocean I was so, so tired and, to be honest, I read some comments on Cheyanne's video that she posted of me and her on TikTok and I just honestly am just so sick of people trolling how I look or calling me a man, or whatever.

"It's actually gotten to the point where it's just not fair and not right.

"Like, why am I going through a video, scrolling through all the comments and everyone is saying how beautiful my friend is but then putting me down in response to that, saying, 'Oh my God, Cheyanne you're beautiful, your figure's amazing, Coco, who's that man at the first part of the clip?' or, 'Coco, you look so ugly,' or, 'How did this girl get on Love Island?'

"'It's not fair and it's gotten to the point where I don't want to go out tonight now because I feel like s*** about all these comments. It's not fair."

Coco previously admitted she was shocked by the trolling she received after exiting 'Love Island'.

She said: "'I just didn’t expect it because I wasn’t prewarned, so when I got my phone back, it was literally on the way to the airport and I was reading all these comments about my appearance, and how I look and I was literally shocked.

"I know there was an article released of me at the airport and it was 'Coco Lodge fuming when she sees the trolls comments' and I just think, I was upset, I wasn’t fuming, it hurt, it is what it is."