Coco-nutters! UK man has near miss after coconut thrown at palm tree bounces back into his face

This is the moment a coconut nearly misses a mans head after his brother bounces it off a palm tree. Ben Large, 27 was holidaying in Koh Mak, Thailand with his twin Marcus Large when they decided to see if they could knock a coconut down from a tree. Marcus threw a fallen coconut up to the bunches of growing fruits a few times before Ben thought he'd try and capture the moment of success of camera. But when he did, unfortunately Marcus's coconut rebounded off the trunk of the palm tree and flew towards the cameraman - narrowly missing his face. Photographer Ben, from Guildford, Surrey, said: "I'm absolutely fine - just happy to have such a classic twin moment that we always have on record! "We knocked that specific coconut down after and went home with a coconut each "Both were knocked down from throwing other coconuts at them like cavemen!" This video was taken on November 28 2021 at 1pm. ENDS

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