Coercive Nottingham bully broke ex-girlfriend's arm in violent assault

Pictured is Ryan Burrell
-Credit: (Image: Nottinghamshire Police)

A coercive "bully" has been jailed for a catalogue of abuse that ended with him punching his ex-girlfriend repeatedly until she fell and broke her arm. Ryan Burrell of Stoneycroft Road, Basford, repeatedly used controlling and coercive behaviour to force his victim to stay in a relationship with him.

Burrell threatened to send intimate photos of the woman to her family and claimed he would self-harm if she left him. The abuse took place throughout October and November 2023, with the 29-year-old repeatedly subjecting his victim to acts of violence.

One incident saw Burrell fly into a jealous rage and destroy a TV, microwave and mirror belonging to the woman at her home on October 20. When she tried to leave him, Burrell responded by sending her over 500 text messages in the space of two days in which he made a multitude of threats.

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His violent and controlling behaviour eventually culminated in him subjecting his then-partner to a violent assault in Bestwood on November 25. After the woman was repeatedly punched in the face, she fell to the ground and suffered a broken arm as a result.

Burrell’s catalogue of abuse was revealed soon afterwards when his victim found the courage to contact the police and tell them what had been happening. In a personal impact statement, she wrote: “It’s not something I will ever get over. I didn’t think this would ever happen to me, and I have been struggling to sleep since.

“I struggle to be on my own. When I’m asleep, I replay the assault in my head, which is not something I should be doing. My body just won’t shut it off. I feel like I have to constantly look over my shoulder and be wary for my own protection.”

Burrell later went on to plead guilty to charges of causing grievous bodily harm and engaging in controlling and coercive behaviour. He also admitted to threatening to disclose private sexual photographs and films with the intent to cause distress, and causing criminal damage.

Burrell appeared at Nottingham Crown Court to be sentenced on May 22. He was jailed for two years and five months and handed a five-year restraining order preventing him from contacting the woman.

Detective Sergeant Stacey Hardstaff, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Burrell is a nasty bully who used a mixture of threatening and violent behaviour to try and control a woman he was in a relationship with. As well as making threats to share intimate photos and videos of her if she left him, he also told her he’d hurt himself, in a bid to try and manipulate her.

“This abuse lasted for around two months and culminated in him subjecting her to a violent assault that left her with a broken arm. As she mentioned in her personal impact statement, the impact of Burrell’s horrible behaviour is still being felt by the victim to this day.

“Bearing all of this in mind, I’d like to express my admiration for her in having the bravery to speak up and tell our officers about what had been happening. Domestic abuse can take many guises, whether its physical or emotional, but we know it can cause huge damage to people’s lives.

“We hope the sentencing handed out to Burrell provides some comfort to the victim and encourages more people going through something similar to report it to the police. If this is you, please know that the police are here to help and are waiting for your call. If you or anyone else is in danger, please call 999 immediately, so that we can act.

“While taking that decision to come forward might appear difficult, please know that if you take that first step, you will be listened to, and we will do everything we can to keep you safe.” For more information on domestic abuse, including ways to report and organisations which can help, you can click the link here.

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