Coin to remember only person awarded the VC twice during WWI

A new "precious metal" £5 coin is to honour the only person awarded the Victoria Cross twice during World War One.

Royal Army Medical Corps Captain Noel Chavasse was gravely wounded by shell fire during the Battle of Passchendaele on 2 August 1917.

But he continued to care for others who had also been wounded. He died at a Casualty Clearing Station on 4 August 1917.

He had already been awarded the highest military honour, the Victoria Cross, for his actions the previous August during the Battle of the Somme.

After Passchendaele, he was posthumously awarded a Bar to his Victoria Cross.

The coin is part of a set of six the Royal Mint is producing for 2017 as it tells the story of World War One, 100 years on.

Other events depicted include the Sopwith Camel, a single-seat biplane fighter aircraft introduced in 1917, and the Battle of Arras, which began in April 1917.

Sets of coins are being released each year until 2018, covering themes including key battles, the war's cultural impact, and technological developments during the period.