Colchester farm launches potato pre-order service amid vegetable shortage concerns

Produce - A box of Fairfields potatoes <i>(Image: Fairfields Farm)</i>
Produce - A box of Fairfields potatoes (Image: Fairfields Farm)

A COLCHESTER farm is set to implement their first ever pre-order service following concerns about a vegetable shortage which some fear could result in spudless Christmas dinners.

Fairfields Farm, in Fordham Road, Wormingford, is setting up a pre-order system for the first time this year in response to a potato shortage crisis.

As a result of damage caused by storms Agnes, Babet and Ciaran, farms across Britain have suffered one of the toughest harvests, leading to a nationwide shortage of potatoes.

With the lowest crop on record, it is now feared the shortage will threaten demand during the Christmas period.

However, Fairfields Farm is now aiming to calm people's worries as they look to debut their pre-order service for potatoes.

Gazette: Chips - Robert Strathern, of Fairfields Farm, and Stephen March
Gazette: Chips - Robert Strathern, of Fairfields Farm, and Stephen March

Chips - Robert Strathern, of Fairfields Farm, and Stephen March (Image: Newsquest)
Robert Strathern, the owner of Fairfields Farm, said: "Don’t listen to the horror stories about the potential of Christmas dinners without spuds.

"You can pre-order our most popular 15kg washed potatoes for delivery in plenty of time for Christmas, fresh from our farm.

"The soil here is particularly suitable for growing nice big spuds.

"We grow, harvest, wash and pack them right here before sending on to you so it’s hard to imagine fewer food miles from field to plate."

Following the successful harvest, the types of potatoes sent out to customers are of the Melody and Nectar varieties.

Robert said: "We choose them because they make for lovely big potatoes which have a sweet, creamy taste.

"They’re also really versatile and ideal for mashing, baking and roasting."

Pre-ordering the potatoes can be done through the Fairfields Farm website, with the produce expected to arrive between December 15 to 18.

Robert adds: "Each 15kg box is enough to supply a family of four with more than ten meal accompaniments, or enough to get you through the festive season.

"They are naturally a long-life product and will last for up to three weeks in your pantry, stored in a cool, dark place."

One box is £22 and all orders are guaranteed to arrive by December 20.

For more information, and to buy a box visit