Ice Bucket Challenge: Centenarian, 102, is UK's oldest person to get soaked for charity

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A plucky great-granddad proved that age is no barrier after he became the oldest person to take the ice bucket challenge - aged 102.

Patriotic Jack Reynolds donned just a pair of Union Jack boxer shorts and sat on a chair while his family poured the freezing cold water over his head.

The fun-loving pensioner - an avid Facebook user - was completely unfazed by the challenge and said it was just ‘one of those things’.

He added: ‘I've lived through two World Wars so a bucket of ice and water wouldn't phase me!

‘My fun-loving family always set me up for things like this so I had no hesitation to do it.

‘It was very chilly - in fact it was bloody cold, especially just in Union Jack boxer shorts.

‘But some lovely women with a warm towel and a shot of Grouse whisky soon warmed me up!’

Jack before (left) and after (right) his ice bucket challenge (SWNS)
Centenarian Jack Reynolds (102) completing the ice bucket challenge (SWNS)

Jack, from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, completed the challenge on Saturday, August 23, after being nominated by his great granddaughter Shannon Spencer, 10, and a member of his Australian family Julia Woolacott, 22.

The tech-savvy pensioner - who has four children, eight grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren - immediately accepted the dare and gathered his family to watch.

Grandson Shane Spencer immediately put the video on Facebook and it has already been shared more than 3,750 times.

Shane, 32, also from Chesterfield, said: ‘It's incredible, so many people have seen it.’

 ‘He was definitely up for it, he is up for anything. He has done all sorts in the past. He is always game for a laugh, his age doesn't hold him back at all.

‘As soon as he knew what it was he wanted to do it.

‘He is on Facebook so he is very up-to-date with these things, he had been watching all his grandchildren and great grandchildren doing it.

‘Straight away when the nomination came through he went into his room and came out in his Union Jack boxer shorts and said, “right, let's go”.

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‘He takes it all in his stride.’

After completing the challenge Jack nominated Carl Walters, his great grandson, and Carlene Walters, his great granddaughter, as well as Julia's brother Rosko Dela Bosko.

He has become one of an ever-increasing list of people who have taken on the dare, including former US President George Bush, Leonardo DiCaprio, and David Beckham.

Widower Jack worked as a plate layer at Staveley Works for 40 years, before retiring in 1975.

Jack completed the challenge dressed a pair of Union Jack boxer shorts - before celebrating with whiskey (SWNS)

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Incredibly, the centenarian still lives alone and carries out all his household tasks, apart from the gardening.

He added: ‘My longevity is due to hard work and fresh air all my life, always being happy and smiling, a shot of Grouse whiskey in my tea first thing in a morning and a shot at night and especially through the care and joy my doting family brings me!’