Cold Feet Won’t Be The Same Without Helen Baxendale, Says Fay Ripley

Fans of great British telly were delighted last week with the news that ITV is bringing back hit comedy Cold Feet next year.

But following the death of Helen Baxendale’s character, Rachel, in the last series that aired in 2003, there will be a considerable absence when the rest of the cast reunite on set. Just imagine Friends without Rachel!

Fay Ripley, who plays Jenny Gifford in the show, says filming the show without Helen will be extremely difficult.

Speaking on ITV’s Loose Women earlier today, she said: “The only thing I do know is that Helen] isn’t going to be doing it and that’s actually going to be the hardest thing because we are all probably going to slot back into the on-set roles that we had, but Helen won’t be there. So it’ll be slightly odd. She is such a lovely girl and friend of mine.”

[Photo: ITV/REX Shuttershock]

The actress also revealed that while the idea of a Cold Feet reunion has been brewing for some time, it was still a big decision to say yes to coming back.

“The idea had been around for a long time and speculated about it for a long time and we’ve all sort of talked about it between ourselves and the actors a while ago said, ‘Well if they want to write it, then we’ll do it’,” explained Fay.

“But when it came to the crush, yes, there was a big swallow and I thought, ‘OK, so are they going to put a picture of me then and now, how’s it going to work?’ “

Fay will be joined in the revived show by co-stars James Nesbitt, John Thomson, Robert Bathurst and Hermione Norris.

Cold Feet returns on ITV next year.