Coleen Nolan reveals pride on ITV's Loose Women after daughter-in-law Madeleine Roche wins Miss GB

Left: Coleen Nolan (credit: coleen_nolan on Instagram). Right: Her daughter-in-law Madeleine Roche (credit: madeleine_roche on Instagram)
Left: Coleen Nolan (credit: coleen_nolan on Instagram). Right: Her daughter-in-law Madeleine Roche (credit: madeleine_roche on Instagram)

Appearing on ITV’s Loose Women, the 58-year-old TV presenter suprised viewers by wearing an unusually regal crown and a sash, however the reason behind her accessory choice soon became clear.

Introducing Coleen, her co-star Ruth Langsford said: "She’s known for her good lucks and natural grace, and it turns out she’s not the only beauty queen in the family.”

After calling Ruth out for sounding saracasting, Colleen proudly told viewers that her daughter-in-law Madeleine Roche had won Miss Great Britain over the weekend.

33-year-old Madeleine, is married to Coleen’s eldest son Shane, 34, who she shares with her ex-husband Eastenders star Shane Richie.

Speaking to the studio, Coleen said: “I’m the most proud mother in law, because my daughter in law won Miss Great Britain. We were all there to support her and screaming. I’m surprised we weren’t asked to leave!”

The popular daytime show then played a clip of the moment Coleen’s daughter-in-law was given the coveted title as the mum of three then said: "That was her when she was announced. My son at the time – well not at the time, he is still my son – my son, at that time, as soon as they said her name, he just fell back in his chair and sobbed his eyes out.”

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The Miss Great Britain final took place on Friday, October 29 and Madeleine's win marked a historical moment for the competition as she became the first mixed race woman to win.

Representing Manchester, this was also Madeleine’s fifth time entering Miss Great Britain and she took to social media to share her excitemnt.

Writing on Instagram, Madeleine said: “"Firstly, my amazing husband @iamshanenolan, or in his own words, 'the new Mr Great Britain'. Thank you for always supporting me and loving me in everything I do. You've never once tried to deter me from going after my dreams, you're my biggest fan, and I love you so much!"

Also taking to Instagram later in the week, Coleen added: “She’s worked for five years for this, she’s got so close in those five years and she bloody won and deservedly so.

"I just want to reiterate these pageant shows aren’t just about who is a size 10 or six foot tall or walking up and down a catwalk, they work really hard, they do loads of a charity work, it’s much more diverse now, it’s the person you are and that what’s I love about it and Maddie was the best person for the job.”