Coleen Nolan tearfully discusses sister Linda’s cancer news on Loose Women

Coleen Nolan cried about the news that her sister Linda’s cancer has spread to her brain during an episode of Loose Women.

Singer Linda was first diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2005 and went into remission the following year. She was then diagnosed with a secondary cancer in her hip in 2017, which spread to her liver in 2020.

On Monday (27 March), singer Linda appeared on Good Morning Britain to share the news that she is about to start chemotherapy again after being told last week that the cancer had spread to her brain.

Later that day, Linda’s sister Coleen made an appearance on the Loose Women panel, where she opened up about the “big shock” of the news.

“She’s just so strong all the time, so it makes the rest of us strong,” Coleen said. “She’s had incurable cancer for quite a while, but it’s always been treatable… Up until this point, [it’s] always been quite positive.”

However, Coleen said that Linda’s legs had been “playing up” and causing her to fall “four times in a week”. The TV presenter hopes it was being caused by the medication, rather than cancer in her bones or spine – “anything but more cancer”.

Linda is going to go on a relatively new drug in the hope it gives her more time, Coleen explained, saying that her sister’s positivity makes the people around her “stronger”.

With an audible lump in her throat, she said: “It’s so weird, because since Monday I haven’t cried because I’ve felt really numb. I’ve just thought, I’m so sick of it. It just attacks my family all the time.

“And I know a lot of people go through it, but selfishly you think of yourself. And I haven’t- I’m scared of crying because I don’t think I’ll stop. I’m going to cry now, so can you move on.”

Coleen was comforted by her fellow presenters, with presenter Ruth Langsford saying that they were moving on to the topic of the prime minister.

“That will make me cry,” Nolan tearily joked, causing the studio audience to laugh.