Colin The Caterpillar Gets Drunk And Hits The Town For 25th Birthday Celebrations

Being the total lad that he is, Colin the Caterpillar spent his 25th birthday getting blind drunk and hitting London.

Colin - the Marks & Spencer cake that is an absolute must for all work birthdays - finally got to enjoy his own birthday.

And judging by the pictures on Instagram, Colin celebrated his quarter century with an absolute mammoth drinking session.

It ended - like any big night - with Colin collapsing in a drunken mess with a half-eaten kebab

Total legend.

Here’s how his big night panned out…

Tube to the Spoons to meet the lads

Pint, no food. Food is for lightweights

Out come the shots

More shots

Colin and the lads get rowdy

Drunken selfies - thankfully not naked drunken selfies

Kebab. The only way to end the night

Staggering home in a taxi. Alone, sadly

The morning after the night before

No one parties like Colin parties. Total lad.

Pics: Instagram/colin_the_caterpillar1990