Colleagues and pupils of paedo teacher reveal what they really thought about her

The trial for a disgraced teacher who slept with two of her pupils has been told that she skipped work events and never interacted with colleagues on a “personal level”.

Rebecca Joynes, 30, was last week convicted of sleeping with children. As reported by the Mirror, she became pregnant by one of the pupils.

The trial heard how Joynes abused her position as a "nice" teacher, and sickeningly had sex with two teenage boys who had crushes on her, named 'Boy A' and 'Boy B'. The scandal has triggered a ‘toxic’ environment at the secondary school in Greater Manchester.

“Distraught” staff members say the teachers are no longer trusted because of her actions. One said: “They completely stopped trusting us.” Despite enjoying good relationships with her colleagues, she is said to have never attended work events or interacted with colleagues “on a personal level”.

An ex-staff member said: “Rebecca never joined. Even the near-retiring teachers would have had a drink.” Instead, Joynes was spotted chatting with female students about fashion during break time and “strutting” down the corridors while they cheered her on. The teachers said with hindsight, this kind of behaviour was “over-friendly”.

Joynes was suspended in October 2021 after a report to Childline that she had sex with a 15-year-old pupil, who she bought a £345 Gucci belt for before taking him back to her apartment to have sex. The maths teacher then fell pregnant by a second teenager while on bail for having sex with the first. Her baby daughter is now being cared for by the teenage father.

Before her sordid behaviour was revealed, she was well thought of, and well liked, by staff and students alike. On World Teachers’ Day, she was given a thank you note from a pupil for helping them with their subject. During lockdown in 2020 she was forced to adapt to a new style of teaching, and then, in September 2021, the normal school routine resumed.

During this period she worked full-time at her parents' Cheshire tearoom, where while rumours swirled she had been 'banned' from the school where she worked, people still thought she was the quiet, shy, respectable young woman they had watched grow up. One person, who knew Joynes but did not wish to be named, told the ECHO: “I got told she’d been banned [from the school] and I said ‘it must have been bad if she’s been banned.’

"She’s quite quiet. She came across as being a nice person but she was upset over something, at the time I didn’t know what the thing was. I’m surprised because she was a quiet girl. It was a shock I suppose.” Another person, who knew Joynes during her teenage years, said: “She struck me as someone who was very quiet and fairly shy. She kept herself to herself.

"I hadn't thought about her in years but when my friends and I saw her name in the news we were shocked to see it. What was said in court appeared to go against her shy nature from when she was younger." Joynes now awaits sentencing after a jury found her guilty of six charges of engaging in sexual activity with a child, including two while being a person in a position of trust.

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