College student shows how to make ice cream in a dorm room using just Halloween Oreos

College students are so innovative when it comes to making meals in their dorm rooms with limited resources. One TikTok account dedicated to the craft, Lazy Pot Noodle (@lazypotnoodle), shows students how to make all kinds of dishes. Using Lazy Pot Noodle products — like a full lobster dinner or a Wagyu burger — students can cook from the comfort of their bed or desk.

In a video that’s gone particularly viral — because of its creativity and seasonal timeliness with Halloween — the creator showed followers how to make ice cream out of Halloween Oreos.

The Halloween Oreo ice cream required peeling the orange icing from each cookie. Then, they added milk, sugar and cream and cooked the mixture. Finally, the creator strained the heated, bright orange liquid using a Lazy Pot Noodle branded ice cream maker.

While it seems like this recipe can use any Oreo frosting to make ice cream, commenters seemed to agree that there’s something special about the Halloween Oreos.

“Is it me or are the Halloween oreos better than any othr,” asked @awakendbear.

“Idk why but the Halloween Oreos hit different,” agreed @timthetankofficial.

Others were amazed that the creator was able to make such an elaborate dessert on a bed with white sheets.

“How do u not spill anytbing on ur bed ever!” wondered @username8767594.

But since the TikTok account is used to promote Lazy Pot Noodle products, some commenters questioned how realistic it would be for an actual college student to pull this off — especially considering the space issues of a typical dorm room.

“Where do you put all of you these kitchen gadgets in a dorm? This gotta be a full size apartment sized style dorm haha,” laughed @goldbergfitness.

“I’m not even gonna lie you a marketing genius bruh,” observed @1dug.

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