Colonial Pipeline says it paid $4.4m bitcoin ransom to hacking gang

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The boss of Colonial Pipeline says the company has paid a cryptocurrency ransom worth $4.4 million, that’s about three million pounds, to a gang of cyber criminals who took the US fuel pipe network offline.

The firm authorised the huge payment in bitcoin amid concerns about how long the shutdown that crippled its US East Coast network on 7 May.

In return for the ransom, Colonial Pipeline received a decryption tool to unlock its systems, but this was apparently not enough to reboot the systems straight away.

Futuristic air taxis could become a common sight in the skies above Europe after regulators announced a big step forward in employing the tech for everyday use.

German start-up Volocopter is among those hoping to demonstrate the technology in time for the Paris Olympics in 2024.

US customers who bought Apple's Powerbeats 2 earbuds before August 2020 are eligible to receive a pay-out, reported to be between $57 and $189 dollars.

A class action lawsuit claimed the headphones did not retain battery life and were not sweat or water-resistant. Apple paid $9.75m to settle the case, but denies all allegations.

Clues to our solar system: the Very Large Telescope finds Iron and Nickel in comets, Google’s Android software gets a new look, and scientists investigating Japan’s earthquakes have set a depth record for drilling five miles into the seabed. Plus, how about a robotic third thumb to help get more tasks done?

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