Colony of scared seals hurry into sea after drone hovers over them in 'no-fly zone'

A colony of scared seals hurried back into the sea off Iceland's north coast after a drone hovered over them. Footage from June 27 shows the herd of seals lying on a beach when a drone startles the animals. The filmer told Newsflare: "A 'no drones' sign was clearly posted in the parking lot at the start of the hiking path. "Although it is not strictly illegal to fly a drone in an area where a 'no drones' sign has been posted, according to Icelandic law, drone-owners are required to make sure that no harm comes to animals from their drone flights. "According to the local land-owner, when seals panic like this and rush into the sea, seal cubs can get separated from their mothers and are unable to find them again."

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