Colorado Dad Creates Makeshift Carousel to Entertain Kids While Working From Home

Colorado dad and school principal Nicholas Holtvluwer had to get creative to entertain his three toddlers while he worked from home in Castle Rock on March 25.

“I got a lot of work to do … so this should keep the kiddos occupied for a while. They love carrousels!” the Mammoth Heights Elementary school principal said in a Facebook post accompanying this video.

The footage shows three children riding the ‘carousel’ — made up of bedding attached to a ceiling fan in order to form the carousel poles.

Holtvluwer told Storyful that working from home had presented a number of challenges.

“With the closing of schools and the ‘stay at home’ orders happening around the country due to the coronavirus, I have been tasked with conducting many online meetings and visiting online classrooms through Zoom and Google Hangouts.

“I tried thinking of a fun (and funny) way to keep my own kids occupied so I could get my work completed as a school administrator. So I created a make-shift carrousel!” Credit: Nicholas Holtvluwer via Storyful