Colorado Deputies Help Bear Cubs Escape From Dumpster

Deputies from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office helped reunite three bear cubs with their mother after they got trapped in a dumpster, video released on July 30 shows.

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, deputies arrived at a commercial address to find a mother bear standing guard at the dumpster.

The sheriff’s office said the deputies were able to distract the bear long enough for the lids of the dumpster to be flipped.

Two of the bear cubs escaped immediately, but a third was still inside the dumpster. One deputy placed a steel chair inside of the dumpster, which allowed it to climb out.

“In a world with a lot of challenging and sad news right now, we hope this story brings a smile to your face, JeffCo! We’ll be here if you need us,” the sheriff’s office said. Credit: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful