Colorado Residents Return to Homes Evacuated During Ute Pass Fire

A mandatory evacuation order given to 60 households in Durango, Colorado, was lifted on May 13, allowing residents to return to their homes.

The fire spread to between 20 and 30 acres on May 13, local media reported on May 13, but no buildings were reported as lost.

Local resident Chris Cotton recorded footage of a helicopter gathering water to use to fight the fire. Along with the helicopter, about 100 firefighters, two heavy air tankers, two dozers, and a spotter plane were battling the fire, the Durango Fire Protection District said. Credit: Chris Cotton via Storyful

Video transcript


CHRIS COTTON: Yeah, he's getting water.

- Yeah, he's getting water.


- There's a couple of [INAUDIBLE] up there.


- Here comes another one. [INAUDIBLE] Maybe it's a [INAUDIBLE] tower or a house or something.

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