‘Come On, Show Me A Sign’: John Stamos Shares Tender Moment From The Night Full House Co-Star Bob Saget Died

 Bob Saget and John Stamos.
Bob Saget and John Stamos.

When Bob Saget passed away suddenly in 2022, people around the world were equally saddened and shocked. That was true more than ever for those closest to him, who grieved the loss of a great friend and comedian. And we are now learning that John Stamos had an especially tender and powerful experience the night his Full House colleague passed away. At the time, Stamos went looking for a sign that his was okay and ultimately saw something that brought him comfort.

The star recently appeared on an episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show and, during the show, the noted EGOT winner and the Scream Queens alum bonded over a surprising commonality. Hudson told her guest that when she sees hummingbirds, it makes her feel like her family members who've since passed away are with her. The Fuller House star then shared a story about why he feels the same way:

I remember seeing one in my dad’s garden, and he loved his garden so much. And my mom said, ‘Hey, that’s your dad, Oh hey, dad. Hi, dad.’ And then now, she’s been gone, and my son Billy would be like, ‘There’s grandma Retta, there’s Papa Bill.' It’s so beautiful.

Certainly, many of us have our ways of remembering those who have since departed this life. Some people think of those people on special occasions, while certain objects might even evoke memories of the deceased. You can't help but love that the Grandfathered actor has linked those he loved to the beautiful birds.

John Stamos’ connection to hummingbirds doesn’t end with his family, though. He said that he is still struggling with the loss of longtime friend Bob Saget, who was apparently the "glue" that held the Full House cast together. But he revealed that a special moment shortly after his death helped him feel closer to the late comedian – and it, too, involved a hummingbird:

I went in his backyard the night he died… And I said ‘Bob, come on, show me a sign, show me that you’re OK up there.’ And I said, ‘OK, maybe he’s at peace up there. Maybe he’s not rattling the thunder. I started to walk back, [makes fluttering noise] this little hummingbird came. And I have it on my phone. It had a red, like my mom used to wear a red scarf ,and she had red hair. And it was her saying, ‘It’s OK, we’re OK. Bob’s up here, and just be kind to one another and be loving like he was.’

It’s clear from the way John Stamos tells the story that the moment had a big impact on his ability to grieve his friend and begin to move on. His having to reckon with his deceased friend's death is one of the many topics explored n his new memoir, If You Would Have Told Me. Through the book, the actor, singer and author reveals vulnerable details about his life, including the trauma of sexual abuse, his struggles with a DUI and subsequent time in rehab. He also explains how Fuller House helped him get back on track.

It goes without saying that Bob Saget is still missed and will continue to be as time goes on. However, it's still wonderful that so many like his former co-stars continue to find such beautiful ways to remember his funny and jovial spirit.

Those who want to witness the incredible bond between the Fuller House cast can see the series if they have a Netflix subscription. Also, fans who want to know more about how John Stamos has managed to overcome his biggest ups and downs can pick up a copy of If You Would Have Told Me in bookshelves or online.