Billy Eichner 'completely freaking out' about meeting Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at Lion King premiere is all of us

Margaret Abrams

It's not every day you get to hobnob with members of the Royal Family - so when comedian Billy Eichner met Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the Lion King premiere, he was understandably excited and nervous.

He reposted a video on Twitter of him "freaking out" sent to cast mate Seth Rogen about what he was going to say.

In the video, he can be overheard saying, "I'm going to say 'pleasure to meet you'" before cheering himself on with, "I'm gonna say it, I'm gonna say it," while watching the royals greet other members of the receiving line at the premiere.

He then stresses himself out and says, "I can't even say it," although he later confirmed to Twitter that he did, in fact, go with his original greeting.

It was truly a roller-coaster of emotions, much like an episode of Billy on the Street (although unfortunately, it's unlikely he offered the royal pair a dollar upon meeting).

He tweeted that he and the Duchess of Sussex discussed Northwestern University, the Chicago school they both attended - even giving their old acting teachers a much-deserved shout out.

The Billy on the Street star is currently starring alongside Beyonce in the new Lion King movie, which he's been almost equally excited about. He's been expressing his obsession with the poptstar on Twitter while promoting the film, even dubbing them "Billyonce." Now, that's the couple name stan Twitter craves.

The former Parks and Recreation actor is having an amazing time promoting the movie. He even found the time to give his idol Queen B "a brief hug," which is really everyone's dream (including Markle, judging by her sweet meeting with the 'Formation' singer).

And for all those wondering, Eichner did in fact, end up going with his planned greeting of "Pleasure to meet you." Here's to the squad the world needs - Billy, Meghan and Beyonce - Billyoncegan?