Comedian Russell Howard shocked to receive box of sex toys

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Russell Howard was once sent a box of sex toys credit:Bang Showbiz
Russell Howard was once sent a box of sex toys credit:Bang Showbiz

Russell Howard was left dumbfound when he was once sent a box of sex toys from a condom company.

The 42-year-old comedian - who is best known for his TV shows ‘Russell Howard’s Good News’ and ‘The Russell Howard Hour’ – was surprised to receive a selection of intimate play things for Christmas one year from Durex.

He is quoted by The Sun newspaper's TV Biz column as saying: “Somebody had obviously seen me on TV and gone, ‘That guy looks like he needs help.’

"So, I was sent this tray of sex toys. You get something like that and you’re like, I don’t really know what I’m meant to do with that.”

Russell put it down to once being named a "weird crush of the year", a title he was awarded in 2013 by heat magazine.

He added: “Everyone speaks to you like you should be really proud of that. But all that means is you’re king of the mingers.”

The gong has also been handed to the likes of Derren Brown, Karl Pilkington and Jeremy Clarkson.

Upon receiving the accolade, Russell told the publication: "Thanks – I think – to the people who voted for me.

"Finally, I am the king of the mingers! It’s nice to know I’d be many people’s sympathy s***."

Recently, the comedian released his latest stand-up show on Netflix, ‘Lubricant’, which debuted on December 14th.

The star insists laughter is important because it is "is the lubricant that makes life liveable".

Russell also released an accompanying documentary called ‘Until the Wheels Come Off’, which aims to highlight the impact COVID had on his career as a comedian.

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