Sarah Silverman defends edgy comedy during politically correct times

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Sarah Silverman was on The Jim Jefferies Show to discuss the challenge of creating edgy comedy in today’s politically fraught environment. Silverman has long had a reputation for being both hilarious and offensive.

Citing Samantha Bee’s comments about Ivanka Trump, Jefferies asked if comedians should apologize for their jokes. Silverman said, “I believe you should only apologize if you feel remorse.”

Silverman has had her fair share of politically incorrect moments. In 2001, she told a joke on Late Night With Conan O’Brien that contained a racist term used to describe Chinese people. Even though the joke used a racist term, the Silverman insisted, “None of my jokes were from a racist place.”

While Silverman understands the joke was offensive, she was unapologetic about a joke she told almost 17 years ago. She told Jefferies, “We’re gonna look back at our s*** and cringe, if we’re doing it right, because time is always changing and progressing and things don’t always hold up.”

Despite years of experience, Silverman admits there is no foolproof way to avoid offending people. So she just follows her gut, saying, “I go with what I think is funny.”

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