Comedian Shaparak Khorsandi reveals she was sexually assaulted

 (Dave Benett)
(Dave Benett)

Comedian Shaparak Khorsandi has spoken publicly for the first time about being sexually assaulted by a man in public.

The stand-up comic, 49, took to Twitter on Wednesday to reveal she was involved in a criminal trial in September as the victim of sexual assault.

The man was found guilty at the trial and sentenced but has now lodged an appeal against his conviction, prompting Ms Khorsandi to speak out.

“Back in September, a guy went on trial for sexually assaulting me and was found guilty and sentenced in October”, she wrote on the social media platform.

“I was grateful CPS had enough evidence to pursue it. I did not waive my anonymity nor talk about it publicly as I felt the law had dealt with him and I just wanted to move one.

“Now though, he is appealing against the verdict so a trial all over again.

“It was the most minor category of sexual assault yet it has been really difficult. My heart goes out to those who suffer worse and have to see the CPS powereless to help because they are so underfunded.”

Lamenting the lack of funding for prosecutions, Ms Khorsandi said on Wednesday that CPS “don’t take on cases without being pretty certain of a conviction”.

“What happened to me happened publicly so it was pretty straightforward. I know two people who were raped but CPS, though sympathetic, did not feel there was enough evidence for decent chance of a conviction”, she said.

“It was SO hard to report this offence, knowing impact it might have on my career, the stress of a trial.

“But the thought of him thinking what he did was ‘normal’ and ‘just a laugh’ became debilitating.

“I may write about it once its all over but to see up close just how sure they have to be to get a conviction before they prosecute, how it comes done (sic) to funding, well it’s maddening.”