Comfort dogs help Highland Park, Ill., community after mass shooting

For nearly 10 years, the Lutheran Church Charities K-9 comfort dogs have been deployed to communities reeling from mass shootings. So when one happened just miles from the organization’s Northbrook, Ill., headquarters, they were there too. Within 24 hours of the parade massacre, 13 LCC K-9 comfort dogs — all golden retrievers — were in Highland Park and other nearby northern Chicago suburbs, to help a community shocked by the killings.

Video transcript

- We're good.



- He's a sweetheart.


- Every size and color.


- That's all right.


- --Farmer's market.

- Yeah.

- I got--

- We're-- Dasher and I are here all the time. Yeah.

- Yeah.

- That's one of our favorite trees.

- I thought I'd seen you before.

- Yeah. Absolutely.

- Oh, I've met you before.

- Hello.

- Hi.

- This is Kai.



- I was going to say.

- She's like-- she's trying to sleep.

- Well, tomorrow morning is farmer's market. Oh no, it's Wednesday.

- No, it's Thursday.

- Thursday. Yeah.

- Yeah.

- I forgot.


- Can I pet them all?

- I messed up. I thought--

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