Comforting Yorkshire meal everyone loves that doesn't have a name

The milk, egg and cheese dish
-Credit: (Image: Paige Turner The Pub Grub Vegetarian/Vegan/Youtube)

From the humble Yorkshire pudding to proper pie and mash. Yorkshire is a region who loves stodgy simplicity that warms the heart and the stomach.

But one dish has got people nourished with nostalgia this week. Some call it cheese and egg casserole, others simply refer to it as cheese and egg in t'oven. All who remember it - and still eat it today - love it.

And while it might lack a defined name, mention the simple ingredients of cheese, milk and an (optional) egg, and most people of a certain age will know exactly what you're talking about. First up, you take a bowl of milk and add in a cheese of your choice. Whack it under the grill or oven and add an egg on top if you wish. Onion, bits of chopped up bacon and tomatoes have also been known to be added.

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The dish is then served with some white bread and "best" butter for some dipping in and mopping - the sign of any good hearty meal.

It's not just a classic dish in Yorkshire either. Our friends - yes friends - over the border in Lancashire also enjoy a similar dishes, although they often differ depending on local ingredients. When we reminded readers about this gooey, cheesy, joyous dish, we were inundated with fond memories being shared - from work weary dads coming in from a day down the pits, to Saturday dinner time smells wafting from the kitchen.

Pamela Clare said: "My dad used to love this for his supper when he came from his afternoon shift at the pit". Jayne Clay shared similar sentiments: "My dad's favourite after a afters shift xxx".

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Sue Horsfield added: "A Saturday lunch tradition when I was growing up".

Janet Stead wrote: "That has brought back a memory, Saturday tea, one of my dad’s favourites, I can smell in cooking in the oven now!"

Tracey Hewson went on to say: "Loved this. Best comfort food served with lots of bread and butter."

Some also shared the various names the dish has gone by, such as cheese and egg in the oven. Mal Askham said: "We just called it cheese, egg and milk but I have heard it referred to as curds and whey".

Kay Wright added: "Cheese in a dish or eggy cheese in a dish with the egg. It was a very simple time when I was a kid".

Most people appeared to have fond memories of the dish, particularly from when they were children.

Julie Mosley shared one memory, saying: "When we were teenagers my late husband used to get in from a nightclub about three in the morning and make this, his mother used to get up to a kitchen full of pots in the morning and play merry hell with him".