Comic-Con: The Lord Of The Rings prequel takes centre stage as convention returns post-COVID

The Lord Of The Rings prequel series took centre stage as Comic-Con returned after a two-year hiatus.

Comic-con is a convention centred around comic books and other media.

It often features announcements and teases from some of the world's biggest entertainment franchises.

This year has seen the event return after it was called off or moved online due to the pandemic.

Amazon's new upcoming series, The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power, was featured heavily on Friday, the second day of Comic-Con.

Fans were treated to exclusive previews of the programme, which is set to start streaming on 2 September.

The Rings Of Power is set thousands of years before the events of The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings and describes what happened before the rings of power were forged.

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Meanwhile Marvel showed off a replica Infinity Gauntlet worth £20.8m.

Based on the fist-shaped apocalypse device seen in the Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End Game films, it contains six precious stones which combined were more than 150 carats.

Marvel's Paul Gitter said: "We feel this authentic gemstone collection is cool and unexpected and extends the reach of the Marvel brand."

Adam Mirzoeff, president of East Continental Gems, said: "There has never been anything as exciting and interesting in the Marvel Universe than the prized Infinity Stones and as a fourth-generation jeweller and fan, I am honoured that Marvel entrusted us with the monumental task of curating the Infinity Gem Collection for our universe."

A trailer for John Wick 4 was also shown.

Keanu Reeves, who plays the eponymous violent killer, answered questions from fans.

During a panel, he said that the Wachowskis made him watch anime to prepare for his role as Neo in The Matrix.

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He said: "When I worked with the Wachowskis on The Matrix they were like 'you need to watch these' - it was like Akira, Ghost In The Shell - and that was pretty much the start of it.

"I'm not really up to date on current anime. A couple of my friends have kids that can just spit anime and I'm like 'that seems amazing'."