Comic Relief 2019: Five biggest talking points, from Four Weddings and a Funeral to Mamma Mia

This year’s Comic Relief was packed with treats for viewers, all in the hope it would help raise money for some incredible causes.

A-list celebrities helped to pitch in with the fundraising, with the likes of Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Alicia Vikander, Lily James, Andie MacDowell, Richard Madden, and Joanna Lumley all making an appearance.

This year even featured a very special prize for anyone who wanted to donate: the chance to visit the set of the next Bond film and meet Daniel Craig himself.

Here are the five biggest talking points from the night:

Alicia Vikander and Lily James tie the knot

Red Nose Day aired the first part of its Four Weddings and a Funeral sequel, which saw the cast return alongside some very special guests.

The short, titled One Red Nose Day and a Wedding, saw the return of Hugh Grant, Andie MacDowell, Kristin Scott Thomas, John Hannah, Rowan Atkinson, James Fleet, David Haig, Sophie Thompson, David Bower, Robin McCaffrey, Anna Chancellor, Rupert Vansittart, Simon Kunz, Sara Crowe and Timothy Walker.

However, the focus of the sketch was on the marriage between the daughter of Charles (Grant) and Carrie (MacDowell) – played by Lily James – and the daughter of Fiona (Scott Thomas) – played by Alicia Vikander. The two shared their vows before sealing their marriage with a kiss.

The sketch follows on from the success of Red Nose Day Actually, a short follow up to 2003’s Love Actually, written and directed by Curtis, that premiered during Red Nose Day’s 2017 edition.

Jennifer Saunders delivered a spot-on impression of Cher

Ten years after its spoof of Mamma Mia!, Red Nose Day returned to the realm of ABBA musicals to parody last year’s sequel Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again, bringing together an all-star cast in the process.

Jennifer Saunders returned as Meryl Streep, who played Donna in the 2009 film, while also delivering a spot-on impression Cher, who played Donna’s own mother.

Aired in two parts, the parody constantly teased Cher’s upcoming appearance, as the film itself only saw the music legend show up in its final moments.

“You get a tour and an album after. So, for me, it was a simple decision,” Saunders’s Cher said of her decision to star in the film.

The segment also featured Gemma Arterton as Lily James, Carey Mulligan as Amanda Seyfried, Alan Carr as Colin Firth, Tom Hollander as Andy Garcia, and Philip Glenister as Pierce Brosnan.

Joanna Lumley becomes prime minister

Richard Madden, Joanna Lumley, and Keeley Hawes all made an appearance in a parody of Bodyguard.

Madden returned as PS David Budd, who was personally requested by a new prime minister to be her principle protection officer. That prime minister happened to be Joanna Lumley, instantly turning the hit drama into a non-stop series of innuendos.

The highlight of which was when David enquired: “Do you require any assistance with your box, mam?”

Another twist up Red Nose Day’s sleeve was a surprise appearance by Keeley Hawes, who was revealed to be hiding in the trunk of the prime minister’s car.

“Do you know if I’m in series two?” she asked of David/Madden, who duly responded that her character was dead. “Am I?” she teased.

Miranda Hart cuddles up to Colin Firth

Miranda Hart appeared in a segment which saw her take on a different challenge every day for the last month.

The idea was spawned from her book Miranda’s Daily Dose of Such Fun!, which offers 365 ideas of small activities that can help brighten up each day, while also helping to spread joy to others.

Hart’s segment saw her wear a scarf she’d never worn before “with gay abandon”, while also recreating a hotel service in her own bathroom by giving the toilet roll a “pointy tip”,

However, the undeniable highlight of Hart’s challenges was to read Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice with a special guest: Colin Firth, who played Mr Darcy in the 1995 BBC series. As she insisted, she “definitely did not try to kiss Colin Firth”.

Viewers show their generosity

Of course, the most important part of the night was encouraging viewers to donate money to some incredible causes, both in the UK and abroad.

After the clock struck midnight, an incredible £60.6m had been raised.

However there’s still a chance to donate. You can donate to Comic Relief online by clicking here or by phone on 03457 910 910