Comic Relief: Ed Sheeran Forgets His Lyrics And Kisses Comedian Greg Davies

Plucky strummer Ed Sheeran thrilled viewers last night as he took to the stage for Red Nose Day, performing one of his new tracks ‘What Do I Know’.

Well, what WE know, Ed is that not only did you put on a class act last night, you were also a consummate professional as per usual – even when you’re tripping over your own lyrics.

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The singer was performing on stage at The O2 when he managed to stumble over a few of his words.

Pretty easy to do we’d imagine – especially when they’re all in the Top 10, it’s hard to remember which one is your ‘latest’.

Anyway, after the little wobble, Ed let out a little chuckle and then carried on – and if that’s not the mark of a true professional, we don’t know what is.

The minor mishap was however completely overshadowed by events that followed after his performance – where he entered into an erotic clinch with one of the hosts that evening.

Miranda Hart entered the stage and informed the audience that “What’s going on is that I’m not sure that Ed knows the Comic Relief rules,”

“There’s a silly rule, but I always stick by them, and what it is – is that it demands that the musical acts have to kiss with passion and considerable meaning the tallest host.”

Lucky old Miranda, eh?

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However, sadly for the statuesque comedienne, it was none other than Greg Davies who came for tongue inspection round Ed’s gob last night – planting a massive one on the Shape Of You singer.


The annual fundraising drive for Comic Relief saw members of the public donate over £71.3 million on the night, raising funds for important projects both at home in the UK as well as in Africa.

As well as Ed’s performance, viewers were treated to a special sequel to Love Actually, featuring a whole host of familiar faces from the original film – and updating it with a 2017 twist. Graham Norton hosted the ‘biggest chat show ever’ on top of a James Corden Carpool Karaoke with Take That.

Anyway, a big round of applause to everyone who got involved and to those who donated loads of dosh last night. You superstars, you!