What’s coming out on AppleTV+ in January: From Shrinking to Servant

Faster than blinking the festive season is over, and January looms. In this coldest and greyest of months, there’s no better way of passing the time (and beating the winter blues) than by curling up with a good TV show and forgetting the world outside.

Fortunately AppleTV+ has a good selection coming out this month: from crime thrillers to psychological horror, here’s what’s coming up on the streaming platform.

Super League: The War for Football

In 2021, the footballing world was rocked when six major English teams announced that they were breaking away alongside a selection of Spanish and Italian clubs to create a “Super League”: an elite league of European football. This created uproar among both football fans and governing bodies and the idea was quickly put to bed – but one year later this documentary tells the story of how it happened.

Out January 13, 2023

Servant - Season 4

M Knight Shyamalan is famous for creating suspense-filled films with a killer twist – and his latest offering, Servant, should be no different. Starring Rupert Grint of all people, the final instalment of this wacky TV series follows a Philadelphia-based couple, Dorothy and Sean Turner, who are in mourning after the death of their thirteen-week-old son Jericho. They agree to undergo therapy using a lifelike reborn doll – and when they hire a nanny to “take care” of it, things quickly start to go wrong. Now, it’s time for the reckoning.

Out January 13, 2023

Truth Be Told – Season 3

The third season of the award-winning show is back. This time around, investigative reporter and crime podcaster Poppy (Octavia Spencer) discovers that several young black girls are missing, but media interest in the case appears to be rather muted. To help raise awareness of their disappearance and solve the case, she teams up with their headmaster (Gabrielle Union). Naturally, she’s also chasing down several leads at the time, taking us from schools to sex trafficking rings.

Out January 10, 2023


This zany TV series boasts an all-star cast and a dubious premise. It follows a grieving therapist (played by Jason Segel) who starts to break his training and tell his clients exactly what he thinks. As a result, he starts making huge changes to peoples’ lives. Even better, Harrison Ford also stars. Sounds fun – though it should definitely not be attempted be any real-life therapists.

Out January 27, 2023