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  • These snapshots might have been their last. Cellphones and the Web have been tracking the lives of the victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, shot down in eastern Ukraine last week:

    • Fifteen-year-old Gary Slok and his mother, Petra, were going on a dream vacation and snapped a photo before departure.

    Gary Slok and his motherGary Slok and his mother

    • In one video, there's audible preparation for liftoff from Amsterdam.

    • A picture of the Boeing 777 on the runway quickly went viral after it was uploaded to Facebook. Dutch musician Cor Pan joked about its possible disappearance, referencing missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. He and his florist girlfriend, Neeltje Tol, were supposed to go on a trip together. Friends and family had sent their well-wishes on the online post.

    Facebook photo uploaded right before takeoffFacebook photo uploaded right before takeoff

    Social media have also been active in the aftermath of the tragedy:

    • Vine videos document the mass destruction.

    • A soccer star had to apologize for posting a selfie on Twitter while on the same route to New Zealand but on a different day. Two fans of

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  • Spotted on social media: Sir Paul McCartney at an ice cream shop in Omaha, Neb., Sunday night.

    Tom White, 12, and his McCartney-obsessed friends bolted to the establishment in Omaha's Dundee neighborhood after seeing a celebrity trail on Instagram. They found the former Beatle sitting on a bench with none other than resident billionaire Warren Buffett.

    The boys introduced themselves. Then, Jacob Murray snapped a picture of starstruck White.

    "I just turned around and put a thumb up," said White, who posted the pic on Instagram with the caption "Chillin with my homies." Local media outlets picked up the post, and then national sites started sharing it — even McCartney retweeted the photo.


    Giddy from the social media buzz, they tell Yahoo Trending the experience has taught them to go for it, cherish every moment, and appreciate the small (and hugely social) things in life. It's a freak-out moment Tom and his pals will remember for the rest of their lives. After all, everything,

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  • Seeing yoga-enthusiasts engage in limb-bending feats of strength and balance sometimes make the practice look easy. But any novice who has tried it out can tell you that it's really very difficult, and you might end up a sweaty, embarrassed heap lying on the floor. That is what is so dispiriting about seeing Panchino, the yogi-dog, doing his yoga, or perhaps 'doga,' poses with such ease. His owner is an Italian-speaking yoga-instructor, so one can understand where he has learned all of his skills.

    Panchino follows his owner perfectly, transitioning from (appropriately) down-dog, to child's pose, to cobra. His ability to mimic exactly what his owner does is really something, and though it goes without saying, adorable.

    The video has crossed 650,000 views on YouTube since last week, with viewers loving not only the tiny chihuahua, but also his owner. Some compared the man's looks to those of Ryan Gosling, while another said "super cute and amazing." An amateur chihuahua-biologist rang in

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