The common items Jet2, Ryanair, TUI and easyJet won't allow in your hand luggage

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When it comes to packing your suitcase for a holiday, there are so many rules and regulations that you have to adhere to.

From the size and weight of your luggage to what you can actually pack, it seems like airlines are becoming stricter with their baggage allowances.

However, airlines such as Jet2, Ryanair, Tui and easyJet have seven common items which are prohibited from hand luggage.

Of course, every airport varies across the UK and globally in terms of what they permit and prohibit. But it might be worth making a note for the next time you jet off.

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Thankfully, experts from Haypp are on hand to help. They've examined some of the most commonly misunderstood packing rules that Brits often get wrong and could even result in missed flights, reports the Express.


The packing location for this item can sometimes cause confusion. However, it turns out that vape devices and e-cigarettes should be packed in carry-on luggage only.

Don't forget that you're allowed a maximum of 20 batteries.

Meanwhile, refills and e-liquids must also be kept in hand luggage with a maximum bottle size of 100ml, in line with the 100ml rule at most airports.

Both of these items need to be packed in your hand luggage, but they don't need to be in your checked-in baggage. This is due to the lithium batteries contained within the vape.

However, if airport security finds these items in the wrong place, they can confiscate them.

Electrical devices

Items such as laptops or hairdryers, which most of us take abroad, have to be removed from hand luggage and placed in a separate screening tray when you go through airport security.

If you're planning on flying to the USA anytime soon, then you must also ensure that any electrical devices are charged and can be switched on upon request.

Frozen breast milk

As for baby food and milk, the rules differ. You can carry breast milk in hand luggage.

However, you can't carry frozen breast milk in hand luggage at all. Instead, you can either pack the frozen breast milk in hold luggage or bring cooling gel packs to keep the milk cold for the flight.

Cigarette lighters

Cigarette lighters are allowed but you can only take one per person. If you do plan to take a lighter then this should be put inside a clear liquid bag and should be kept inside the bag for the duration of the flight.

You can't put lighters inside hold luggage at all


Contrary to popular belief, you can bring your food to the airport. This includes solid food such as a sandwich and snacks.

Some foods that are spreadable like jam or hummus are not allowed though as they count towards your liquid allowance.

If you're planning to snack on the plane, be aware that depending on your destination, customs regulations may require you to consume or discard any uneaten food before landing.

Sporting goods

As the Euros draw to a close this weekend, many Brits will be embarking on sports-related holidays. However, it's important to note that many sporting goods must be packed separately and checked in due to their potential use as weapons.

This includes cricket bats, wickets, and any footwear with spikes.

Hair dye

For those looking to refresh their hair colour upon arrival at their holiday destination, it's worth noting that hair dye is prohibited on aircraft due to its chemical content. So, it might be wise to schedule your salon appointments ahead of time.