Commuter chaos as broken escalator causes metro passengers to flee bottleneck

Will Metcalfe

This is the moment a faulty escalator caused chaos as hundreds of people ended up crammed into a Mexican metro station.

The incident took place in the Line 9 metro station in Tacubaya in the Mexican capital Mexico City during rush hour.

Local media reported that the escalators in the station are equipped with a safety system which stops them from running if too many people get stuck on them on to prevent jams forming.

However, the safety system had a technical malfunction and the escalator failed to stop after the people jam caused by overcrowding at the station which formed at the top.

Hundreds of passengers were crammed into the Line 9 metro station in Tacubaya, Mexico City, after an escalator caused chaos causing passengers to attempt to flee.

In the video, dozens of passengers can be seen on the escalator which is still running even though the one next to it has stopped as it should have when the jam started to build up.

Those on the running escalator begin piling up at the top when a woman can be heard suddenly screaming.

The people behind her spot the pile up at the top and begin scrambling to try and get down the escalator which does not stop running despite the jam.

A woman can be seen lying on the moving escalator as it reaches the top and people on the stationary escalator work to pull others to safety.

Here passengers can be seen attempting to flee the crush
The view from above.

The System of Collective Transport of Metro, which runs the metro service, said the accident was caused by a mechanical failure that left two people injured, but not seriously.

Local media report the two people who were injured were a woman and her baby.

Claudia Sheinbaum, the head of the government, told local media that they will investigate the failure and said that the government is focusing on improving the conditions on the metro system.

She said that “the investigation is ongoing and the escalators on the metro system will be checked soon”.

The company in charge of the metro service said that they would check all the escalators and lifts in order to avoid similar problems.