Companies listed on France's CAC 40 post bumper 2021 dividends for investors


According to a new report on CAC 40 companies, dividends in 2021 reached a record €57 billion, bringing in over €2.4 billion to France's Arnault family and €2 billion to the American investment fund Blackrock.

The French Observatory of Multinationals NGO has reported that stock market profits exploded in 2021 compared to the previous year that was effectively sunk by the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the group's annual report published this Monday, the main players in France's stock market index have "once again prioritised [their] shareholders," with dividends up 32 percent compared to 2020.

After the Arnault family and Blackrock, the French state is – with €1.32 billion – the third largest beneficiary of dividend payments for 2021 profits.

Following the money

The NGO says that "about one tenth of all dividends" from the CAC 40 goes to 16 families – historically linked to some of France's biggest groups such as LVMH, Hermès, L'Oréal or Kering.

Moreover, the Observatory has remarked "the tax contribution of CAC 40 groups seems to be growing much less rapidly than their profits and dividends."

Meanwhile, the average remuneration of a CAC 40 boss rose by 52 percent in 2021 to reach €6.6 million again, a year after the peak of the Covid crisis.

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