This Company Has Installed A Double Bed So Employees Can Sleep At Work

One of the worst things about working is the constant struggle to stay awake when all you want to do is go back to bed.

Fortunately for employees at HR consultancy BrightHR in Manchester, they can now actually do that as bosses have brought a double bed into the office.

The decision was made for employees to be permitted to take a cheeky nap during the day after staff said it would make their working environment more enjoyable.

And rather than it being an excuse to avoid doing any actual work, management discovered that bed rest can actually increase productivity - so they created a specially designated area to catch 40 winks.

Communications manager Sheryl Cookson admitted that the bed has worked wonders.

She said: “We had the bed delivered whilst we were having a formal presentation with our partners and it caused a real stir.

“The bed arrived and they looked as if to say ‘this company is bonkers.’

"People were asking: 'can we really have a nap?’ Staff liked the fact that they had been listened to.

"We furnished it like a typical bedroom - it looks like Ikea. It has softer lighting and lamps and a bedside cabinet.”

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The bed is now being used for more than just sleeping - people are actually using it as somewhere different to do some work.

Sheryl added: "People use the bed for different things. I have seen people having meetings on it lying down.

"I have seen a group of five or six people sitting on it like a big office table. It looked like a sleepover.

"I have seen people lying down but I haven’t seen somebody under the covers and snoring yet.

"I’m sure some people might have turned up and used it when they have had a hangover but I haven’t been told about it.”

Silentnight sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, said that setting up a bed in an office was not as silly as it sounded.

She said: "A power nap can leave you feeling completely energised and your eyes will be refreshed, if we are working with computers or an office environment this can stop people becoming sluggish at their desks and in turn more productive.

The bed is now sticking around permanently in the BrightHR office.

Top pic: Caters