Complete chaos on 'Bachelor in Paradise' has Twitter buzzing

There had to have been something in the water in Paradise Monday night, because multiple relationships and friendships were imploding on the beach on Bachelor in Paradise.

Relationships formed quickly at the start of the new season and, up until this point, it's been fairly calm and chill. In fact, at the top of the episode, one contestant mentioned how everyone was practically married already. However, it was just the calm before the storm because, after a few new faces joined the beach, things began to get a little messy. Exactly how we like it.

The biggest fight of the night was between Demi Burnett and Mari Pepin, after the Bachelor in Paradise veteran decided to move in on Mari's man Kenny Braasch. To be fair, Mari told Kenny she wanted to keep her options open. Kenny didn't love the idea, but warned her he would do the same if that's what she wanted to do. Mari's biggest mistake was probably confiding in Demi, because after the Bachelor veteran learned Kenny was no longer on his leash, Demi decided to pounce.

"I happened to look over and saw them making out," said Mari. "It just sucks. Like, Demi and I have been cool. She was, like, giving me advice, and then she turns around and does this, and I'm right there, like, watching."

Later, during a heated confrontation between the two women, Mari told Demi, "I just want to know what's going on. I feel betrayed, honestly. I feel betrayed. I'm hurt by you. Earlier today, I confided in you, and now you're turning around and doing all this, so I'm confused."

Demi could care less about Mari being mad at her, as she argued that everyone on the beach was there to date everyone. Demi shared, "I don't know if Mari needs a lesson of how 'Paradise' works and how we're all supposed to be dating each other and figuring out, like, who we like the most, but I also think she needs a lesson in hypocrisy because Mari wants to have her cake and eat it too, and so she threw mine in the fire."

Meanwhile, Bachelor Nation took to Twitter during Monday's episode in shock over how messy the cast is, and also totally amused by the complete chaos.

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