Con game fixed on one suspect

Mar. 14—An alleged scheme of conning business owners in Garvin and Pontotoc counties out of money for work never done now has authorities fixed on one suspect.

A trio of three felony charges have been filed against Dallas Ray Dye, 48.

The formal charges against Dye, filed here in Garvin County last week, accuse him of representing a company that accepted payments for roof work and then never delivering.

The case against Dye, led by the state attorney general's office, started with complaints against Dye and Aduddell Restoration Services.

Two embezzlement charges allege Dye accepted money for contracted roof work for businesses in the neighboring counties more than a year ago.

The first was to install a roof on a business and an adjoining building in the 100 block of East Main in Ada.

Dye, who presented himself as a salesman with Aduddell, is alleged to have quoted a price of nearly $35,200 before entering into a written contract for Aduddell to do the work. That was back in October 2022 as Dye is accused of accepting a $30,000 check.

A month later a Pauls Valley business owner was allegedly quoted a price of nearly $52,300 to install a roof on a building in the 300 block of South Chickasaw.

That same business owner claims to have made a payment of $17,000 to Dye.

In both cases no work was ever done as the business owners claim they could never make contact with Dye and no refund was ever offered.

With two counties involved in the case a third felony charge — pattern of criminal offenses — was also filed in Garvin County District Court.

Dye was handed a $20,000 bond when during his initial court appearance Monday on the charges.