Concerns over dangerous walkway in Linn Park raised

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General view of Snuff Mill Bridge.
General view of Snuff Mill Bridge.

Concerns have been raised by a councillor that a barrier preventing people from walking down a dangerous walkway in Linn Park has been breached.

Last October a section of the park, near the Snuff Mill bridge at White Cart Walk, was cordoned off after rocks fell onto the popular footpath causing a potential hazard.

Now the Linn Area Partnership could be awarded £12,250 to fix the path as well as address surface water and improve the barrier edge as part of Glasgow City Council’s local parks and open spaces fund.

Members of the partnership want to know if the funding will also help address the health and safety issues facing the public.

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Speaking at the partnership meeting last week, Chairman, Councillor Paul McCabe, said: “At the Greenock Avenue side of the bridge where Linn Park is supposed to be closed off, people have created a hole to get through there.

“There are some health and safety issues in regard to boulders and I don’t think that’s what this [funding] is to do with.

“At the other side of the bridge there is quite a thin footpath and there is temporary fencing that has been put along the ravine [to protect the public].

“I would like to know what this funding of £12,250 is for?”

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Baillie McCabe was informed by council officers that they didn’t have any further information about the use of funding but they believed it would be a long term project.  One officer said: “Our colleagues are working towards a plan to get the fencing fixed up and reinstated along that whole section.

“I believe that they are working with the local “friends of group” as well to try and push that forward. I also believe we are waiting on a bit of funding to get that pathway opened back up but it might be a longer project.”

Following the discussion, members agreed to defer from making a final decision so they could find out what the money would be used for.

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