Condolences, flowers and half-masts: How Europe is paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

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World and European leaders have been paying their respects to Queen Elizabeth II.

French President Emmanuel Macron paid a visit to the British Embassy in Paris, signing the book of condolence. France is the European Country the Queen visited the most during her reign. And he gave thanks for her interest in his nation.

"We are grateful for her deep affection for friends. Elizabeth II mastered our language, loved our culture, and touched our hearts," Macron said at the consulate, speaking in English.

Christian Hartmann/Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved
A message left by French President Emmanuel Macron is seen in a condolence book, following the passing of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, at the British Embassy in Paris, France, - Christian Hartmann/Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved

Germany’s Parliament the Bundestag waved flags at half-mast in the Queen's honour.

German Chancellor Scholz paid tribute to the Queen's "wonderful humour" and her role in the nation’s road to reconciliation after the Second World War. A minute of silence was also held in the German parliament.

"Germany looks back with gratitude on the Queen, who, among many others, also stood for the fact that the former wartime enemies Great Britain and Germany were able to reconcile again," said Scholz.

Brussels also lowered its flags at half mast. With President of the Council of Europe Charles Michel paid his respects to Elizabeth II's statesmanship.

"It is the death of a personality that is monumental and we have known her for seventy years. She has lived through all the great crises of our time - the Second World War, the Cold War and more recently the war in Ukraine."

Much like scenes at Buckingham Palace, Italians laid flowers outside the British Embassy in Rome.

After 70 years as the head of the throne in the UK, her legacy has been felt not just in Europe, but around the world.