Connor Ball fears his Dancing on Ice injuries could last a lifetime

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Connor Ball thinks his injuries could last a lifetime credit:Bang Showbiz
Connor Ball thinks his injuries could last a lifetime credit:Bang Showbiz

Connor Ball thinks his 'Dancing on Ice' injuries could last a lifetime.

The Vamps star suffered various injuries on the ITV show earlier this year, and Connor admits he still "can’t feel" half of his shin after his leg was sliced open by a blade.

The 26-year-old musician - who was partnered with Alexandra Schauman on the show - told The Sun newspaper: "I am always injured. I have scars, still, and my leg is pretty dead. I can’t feel half of my shin still.

"I went through a nerve and they said it might come back, or it might never. I was having physio but I’ve finished it now."

Tristan Evans, Conor's bandmate, admitted he now has no interest in following in Conor's footsteps.

The 27-year-old drummer said: "I actually went ice-skating with Connor a bit ago and he nearly broke my neck.

"I was using one of those kids' penguins that keep you upright and he was going crazy and then he went for me. I tripped over and ... ouch. We heard something click and it was my neck."

Connor needed 19 stitches in his leg after a blade sliced through his skin.

The music star previously revealed that he also suffered a number of other injuries during his time on the ITV show.

Speaking before his exit, Connor shared: "I split my chin open and I have five stitches in there! I dislocated my shoulder as well.

"I also ripped my leg open and have stitches down there there too and there are a lot of bruises."

Connor added that he had "a lot of pain and numbness" towards the end of his time on the programme.

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