Conor McGregor complains as his team lose yet again on The Ultimate Fighter

Conor McGregor bemoaned the structure of bouts on The Ultimate Fighter as his team suffered yet another loss this week.

Michael Chandler’s team have surged into a 4-0 lead over Team McGregor on the new season of the UFC television show, with two of McGregor’s fighters having been stopped and two having lost on points.

In Episode 4 this week, Trevor Wells was beaten by UFC veteran Timur Valiev, losing a unanimous decision over two rounds – a result that led McGregor to vent his frustrations over the lack of a third round.

“It was a good fight, Trevor put on a great match against him,” McGregor said. “They should do three rounds if it’s close. Or if they’re just 10-9s that have been eked out, there should be a third round. It’s very tough if it doesn’t go your way.”

The former UFC champion also told Wells after the fight: “Trevor, that was a phenomenal fight, [it] deserved a third round. Very good, you’ve done yourself proud. Great work.”

Meanwhile, Chandler said: “I get what Conor’s saying. If I were in his shoes, I would probably think the fight was closer than it actually was.

“But to me and obviously to the judges, we know we won those two rounds. We’re gonna keep stacking up these wins.”

When Wells returned to his team’s locker room after his fight, he was greeted by the other members of Team McGregor who have lost so far this season. “You fit in with the crew now,” Aaron McKenzie told Wells, having suffered a points defeat by Austin Hubbard a week prior.

McGregor last week denied allegations that he had sexually assaulted a woman at a Miami Heat game this month. The Irishman, 34, was accused of assault in a bathroom at Game 4 of the NBA Finals on 9 June.

A statement from McGregor’s lawyer Barbara Llanes read: “The allegations are false. Mr McGregor will not be intimidated.” The NBA and Miami Heat said they were investigating the allegations.

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